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RF-Online due to close US & EU servers on the 10th NOV.



  • SgtFrogSgtFrog Member Posts: 5,001
    Originally posted by Ravik

    Well...we shall see with Aion, that game has a decent amount of hype atm

    what the hell has that got to do with anything

    March on! - Lets Invade Pekopon



    Always a shame to see an MMO go under


    Still, plenty more toget addicted too.

  • gamersdelytgamersdelyt Member Posts: 4

    time to pack our things and move to Hello Kitty Online!!!!!!!!

  • WRyanWRyan Member Posts: 266

    I naturally never like seeing a game close it's gates.  I know there are people who may enjoy the content in the game, and for them to lose that is never a good thing.  However, I can't say I really enjoyed the game.  Too much grinding and too much POT spamming for my tastes.

    So, without any hesitation, and without any offense, I say good riddance to this grindfest...

  • saucyshampoosaucyshampoo Member Posts: 4

    It's never good to lose games. Somehow, I enjoyed playing this, but if this is the end for RF, I'll better pack my things and find something new and exciting. any recommendations?

  • astangrotastangrot Member Posts: 2


    from all the RMT HACKS BOTS AND EVERYTHING ELSE this game is DEAD

  • lostinasenselostinasense Member Posts: 4

    Time to enjoy new MMOs! RIP RF....

  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182
    Originally posted by angelsfang

    Originally posted by Gameloading

    Originally posted by ste2000

    About time.

    Sorry guys I know you liked it, but it is about time Codemasters stops importing cheap Korean games and start developing their own.

    Asian MMO will never be popular in western countries, the industry should take note.

    Maple Story and Silkroad Online would like to have a laugh at your statement.



    Correction: 12 year olds would laugh at that statement.  No serious gamer would ever play those games.  Out of all the ones listed, Lineage 2 is probably one of the better titles but only because it had a big graphics advantrage when it came out and everything else sucked/was going downhill.

    That doesn't even make any sense, why would 12 year olds care how many people are playing these games, or how successful they are? It's companies like Nexon that are laughing, all the way to the bank.


  • SunriderSunrider Member UncommonPosts: 527

    Originally posted by saint4God
    Originally posted by SgtFrog well the game closed down not becuse of lack of subs or lack of money but because Codemasters had an disagreement issue with the orginal creators of the game. so they will probably make an agreement with another publisher

    Thanks for the info, seems like there's a lot of politics in the background behind it.  Surely I'd be interested in knowing more, but would be more than content if it were picked up by someone else and carried on.

    I got the game the day it released and enjoyed it. However it suffered from some massive issues, that being of the politics behind it. The Korean company that developed the game simply used Codemasters as a distributor and allowed them to HOST, not run, just host the game. Codemasters wasn't allowed to do anything aside from take care of it and address GM concerns. The game suffered from lots of issues because it took forever for the development company to create translated patches for the CM edition of it, and it took longer to get more content, etc.

    "And after blizzard takes over the world, they are gonna gather a bunch of lemmings, sit on their fat asses near a cliff, and watch the little fuzzy bastards suicide dive into the ground below. . . . . all just for their own entertainment."

  • rcareyrcarey Member Posts: 63

    And i just started playing this game again too... damn. good game for the most part. a little bland in some departments but overall its not that bad.



    ~i'd rather be forgotten than remembered for giving in~

  • fantarosfantaros Member Posts: 394

    The game was pretty funfor the first 6 months of p2p, maybe even less. Lack of updates and support from CM killed it. All in all i m happy such an awfully supported game dies. It more than deserved it.



  • Deviljin87Deviljin87 Member UncommonPosts: 10

    Rip T.T!!!

  • mrchodykomrchodyko Member Posts: 18

    this is bull!!! RF was one of the only FTPMMO's that was good. I left for a fiew months because of computer issues, i get a new one and they are shutting it down!!!!

    I have played almost every FTPMMO that is worth while and you don't need to spend $100 a month to be good and RF was probably one of the best. If PWO fails as much as a think it will I will an hero. MMMMAAAANNNNNN!!! I am so pissed, what the hell... is there any new info?????

    played WoW, GW, RO, MS, Thang, RS, RAKION, PWI, Atlantica Online, FlyFF, RF (I'll miss RF) and a fiew more.

  • YellowGremYellowGrem Member Posts: 4

    Oh that is sad news.

    I was planning on coming back to the game sometime in the next few months too.

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  • FraggnumFraggnum Member Posts: 9

    I've been playing the 2nd episode for almost a month now. Watch out for the rebirth of RF in your area.

  • justai2000justai2000 Member Posts: 6

    if you wil just go to you will see that RF will be coming back soon.. december 11..

  • The_GothessThe_Gothess Member Posts: 10

    guys and girls, please do visit the RF global new re-invented site:

    new items, weapons, and other things I'm sure you'll be fond of.

    Please do bear with the CCR team. Eventhough the site is already available, its still under construction. If you find some broken links, buttons not functioning well, Korean words that aren't translated in English, typographical and grammatical error, page not displayed properly, please do inform the concerned people for immediate resolution. CCR are doing they're best to re-pay your unwavering support and effort. Hope to see you all in the beta testing time that's soon to come. Happy viewing RF players. Enjoy your tour. :D


  • SgtFrogSgtFrog Member Posts: 5,001
    Originally posted by SgtFrog

    guys. dont worry im pretty sure another company will take it up.


    i was correct :D

    March on! - Lets Invade Pekopon

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