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Earthrise: Earthrise DevChat

SzarkSzark News ManagerMember Posts: 4,420

Do you have a burning question about Earthrise? Join and the developers from Masthead Studios on Saturday January 24th at 2pm EST and get your answers directly from the source during the Earthrise Dev Chat.

Join us on January 24th for the Earthrise DevChat.


  • RehmesRehmes Member Posts: 600

    Its very cool to see Masthead do these chats with the community.

  • Joker2240Joker2240 Member Posts: 664
    Originally posted by Rehmes

    Its very cool to see Masthead do these chats with the community.

    Ditto! It is really great cause it brings in a lot of new people and also creates a diverse community. If they keep this up and release a solid game. Masthead Studios could easily become one of  my favorite companies. (they sorta already are just not on my list. Going to wait till Earthrise is released.)


    Also I suggest to read up on the game before hand. I will be at the chat earlier to try and answer some questions. To the best of my knowledge. I am sure there will be other ER community vets there to help out also.  

  • JeubJeub Member Posts: 4

    Ok, I've marked my calendar.   I am really eager to hear what they have to say!  This game  looks fantastic so I hope I will be even more impressed with what I learn at this chat.

    What will I ask?  *starts to fret*  I hope I don't ask something stupid!

  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 19,332

    I was at the last one,and i believe it was an hour late and there was still no action.Different this time around?

    This game according to their CEO really sounds an awful lot like RFO.

    He mentioned taking ideas from several games,i see them all clear as day.

    The UO part is for the PVP,the EVE part is the offline monetary gain,i imagine other offline additions ,crysis is for the looks,and i think the game will look very good.It seems quite clear to m,that this is what the CEO was eluding to as far as comparisons to other games,that he mentioned.

    RFO had offline monetary gains,similar reason to PVP[resources/mining],similar PVP,so is this game basically going to be another RFO but with great looks?They mentioned F2p Asian type ideas,i believe this is there basis for gameplay ,copied exactly from RFO.

    If the whole purpose of the game is to fight and protect the resources,what and when would you have time to do anything else?Is there even anything else to do?Is the resource ,again copied from RFO,where by you only fight for it at certain times,like twice a day for an hour?If the resource is so valuable,as their CEO gave the impression,then it is not like you can up and walk away from protecting it now can you?That becomes a pretty simplistic game design,but IDK,i would like to hear some concrete evidence,to the games purpose and design.


    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • JeubJeub Member Posts: 4

    Actually, I think the art style uses is a mix similar to Sacred/Sacred2 as well as Guild Wars... but its not exact... its following a style of art and I like it very much.

    As for the off-line monitary gains, I don't care where they got the idea, I like it.

    Its like they are taking the best ideas from other MMO's and compling them into one.  Not to mention, the other games you name them taking idea's from took idea's from Ever Quest... so its just sort of industry practice, I'd say,

    Problem is, people associate what they see in a new game with an old game they've played, never realizing that the old game you played took their idea's from even older games.

  • Aka-ShadowsAka-Shadows Member Posts: 188

    I don't know much about the game, but i am a sci-fi fan.

    The question i want to know is.


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  • This game looks cool, good job so far guys =) And uhhh keep up the good work, I always love seeing games come to life and the people who made it are awlays awsome!

  • bigred129bigred129 Member Posts: 1


    joseph brock

  • Keiichii1Keiichii1 Member Posts: 2

    I have only a question :  Game release date?

  • KuhalKuhal Member Posts: 1
    Originally posted by Wizardry

    They mentioned F2p Asian type ideas,i believe this is there basis for gameplay ,copied exactly from RFO.


    They have never said it was going to be F2P. It will be sub based.

  • AlexRacerAlexRacer Member UncommonPosts: 43

    Oh Yeah, please no more Tabula rasa that game was waaaay too trekky imo.

    maybe if we had a sandbox game kinda like Fallout 3 but..mmo style that would be great.

    But i guess thats pretty big undertaking.

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