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Instanced ?



  • DexyDexy Member Posts: 63

    lol all this lobby talk.

    Isnt every MMO a lobby before you actually go to do a quest/mission/instance?

    Yes it is. You playing world of warcraft, sitting around in (Insert town here) shouting in the looking for group chat channel that you need 2 more people for (Insert quest/battleground here). Its the exact same thing! Just dressed a different way.

    And before you say it. Sure you can go solo some world quests (non instanced) but id rather level up in some kick ass instanced PvP than kill X amount of this enemy quests... again! This MMO is different. And thats a good thing.

    Also you have got the fact some mmo's have big PvP zones, so what, this just lets you get there faster. Its an action orientated game not a travel orientated one.

  • SnakeFaceSnakeFace Member Posts: 31

    Ah. Didnt think about it that way. Thank you. Good point.

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