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seeking newb friendly and helpful corp

dethgardethgar Member Posts: 293

I just started my 21 day trial and I am leveling my learning skills up via a guide at eve wiki and using evemon. I hit a wall in the tutorial missions and am down to basically no isk, and im 10 hrs away from needing the Eidietic Memory skill book(4.5 Mil), so im looking for a corp who can teach me how to become self sufficient and provide advice for finishing  this tutorial mission since I lost my upgrade ship and all my items. Anyone with suggestions or recommendations for a corp?


  • KhangorKhangor Member UncommonPosts: 11

    Eve University.

    Without a doubt, its the best training corp in Eve, today. The can teach you anything you want to know about the game.

    This post, by cosy, gives you the steps to getting started in the recruitment process:


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