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RP- Enforced MMO: Shades of Truth!

Developer: Ixios

Genre: First-person Roleplay-Enforced RPG

Status: Open Beta

Platforms: Windows


Sign-up/Download information:

Email: [email protected]

Myspace: [url][/url]

What is Shades of Truth? It is one of the most intense and in-depth online roleplaying games that has ever existed on the internet. If you enjoy "hardcore roleplaying" then this is one of the best games available for you to play.

Taking place in a collectively shared Dreamstate, characters can determine the fate of an entire city. They can lead a House, study the nature of the world around them, battle forces that threaten the Dream, or become one of the most notorious villains in the City of Dream's history. The choice is entirely up to the player! There is no limit to the scope of the story the player wants to create while within the game.

Shades of Truth is headed by a group of volunteers and is entirely 100% FREE to download and play. The current version of Shades of Truth is available for use while the project team develops and prepares the approaching release of an updated 3D client!

So what are you waiting for? The City of Dreams awaits you!


  • GlamisGlamis Member Posts: 84

    To what extent is role playing actually enforced?

    That's the $64,000 question.

  • CataclysmSoTCataclysmSoT Member Posts: 8

    An excellent question.

    All players are asked to respect the Three Rules at all times while playing Shades of Truth.

    The First Rule -- "Be Honest with the Software"

    Cheating or hacking of any kind is prohibited. Client software or other programs that alter data transferred between our server and the client that causes damage or unauthorized access to our servers could be considered an attempt to hack our servers. This is a federal offense, and we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.

    The Second Rule -- "Respect Others"

    Keep your behavior appropriate at all times. If your language or behavior repeatedly annoys or offends others, you will be banned from playing. We place no limits on the use of language. Consenting adults are free to engage in any language or behavior they mutually agree to. Inappropriate behavior includes attacking other players without a valid 'in game reason', using unnecessarily offensive language, annoying others with out of character chat, excessive begging, etc.

    The Third Rule -- "Stay in Character"

    Underlight is a true Role Playing game. Upon entering the City of Dreams, you have to always remember you are pretending to be your character and leave the outside life of the real world behind. Your character would have no way of knowing sports scores or the latest in music or fashion. So, to protect the environment that all role players are striving for, please leave the real world chat outside. If you must communicate of real world things, please do so in whispers as to not offend anyone and protect the active role playing that is going on around your character.

    Simply put, OOC conversations must be kept out of public view at all times. GMs are regularly on hand to support and enforce the Three Rules.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me at your leisure!

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