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Help, I'm searching for original good mmorpg...

Can someone tell me where can I play GOOD AND ORIGINAL MMORPG? I mean I was playing many mmorpg, every of those needed plenty of time, was boring to the death and had really bad community...

I wonder too why all those games, I was playing, are almost the same...

1) skill trees, skill points per levels, lvl's limitations = one mistake and week of playing bye bye.
2) same classes, same skills, same spells, cosmetic differences...
3) same items - all the same swords, axes, bows, staffs, armors etc... with +x option...
4) same fighting engine - you have hit points, defence and dodge, hit lose points etc + some "special" effects = freeze and poison.
5) same character building - next lvl = more hp more defence more damage and so on.
6) small or none roleplaying aspect, what mean roleplaying? playing a role... but what role? everyone look at you and see items and lvl's not your "role" : Well this is because almost none adventure aspect of game, just stupid rectilinear lvling on same and same creature for days or weeks! click, (option drink some potions in meantime), kill, pick up items, repeat...
7) same chat, same guild system, same party system, same pk system and so on...

Well all this was in diablo 2, I was playing that game and i don't want to play only clones of it...

Anyone can help? I'm interested in more adventure and more freedom in building character, more thinking less hack and slash (best none h&s)...

Thx for reading this, sorry about poor english...

PS. Please tell what type of mmorpg are you more interested, described above hack&slash or more adventure and thinking (and real roleplaying!)


  • DarthrenoDarthreno Member UncommonPosts: 41

    Well, for MMORPGs, i don't know if there is really one better than the others, or more original than the others. The difference and originality are in your gameplay, the way you consider the game, and the way you play your character. Whatever the system, you can have fun in any online game as long you really interact with other players. I mean, as long your character interacts with other characters.

    But if you are really interested in roleplaying, well, nothing beats the real Role Playing Games: the ones around a table with friends. No computer program can be as creative and adaptive as the human brain of a Game Master. And no computer game can give you as much fun as a RPG session with friends around your kitchen table. You don't need a expensive computer or a prohibitive monthly fee to have fun. Some paper, pencils and a few dice are enough...

    Check your local store for fellow roleplayers image

  • HungChiHungChi Member Posts: 5
    well i was trying to find any real roleplayers... but this was total defeat ;). I found only 3 good GM's mastering systems I like and all of them had no room for "noobs", well even if they have, this would be one day per month which is not really good for me, I'm looking for something to play every evening and mmorpg seemed to be the best, only problem was that I haven't found anything I would like...

  • DarthrenoDarthreno Member UncommonPosts: 41

    Well, it is true that unless you are in school or college, it is difficult to find time for gathering with friends. "Real life" has some demands: Wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, kids, family, work, shopping for the week-end, home improvement, painting walls, plumbing, amenaging basement, fixing the roof, walking the dog and receiving mother in law (or the opposite), and so on... So many quests and tasks preventing you to complete the fun ones, such as slaying the dragon and saving the princess (or the opposite).

    For those reasons, most of the roleplayers obviously went to computer to stay in touch and play during their spare time. Hence MUDs and MMORPGs were born.

    The key is not to choose a game according to the fashion of the moment but according to what you are looking for. And then try to play an original character, combining race and class for the optimal fun, and not optimal power. Even if your character is unber-powerful and levels up fast, it doesn't mean you will enjoy the game. You might actually find your pleasure in a little guy, the way he fights, the way he dresses, the way he talks... That's in the relations with other characters that the MMORPGs offer the best fun. Not in the fights, the large battles or the duels. Just in the interaction. The roleplay.

    Many MMORPGs propose "Roleplay" servers. Unfortunately, not all of them. And unfortunately too, sometimes these so-called roleplay servers are just promoting groups and guilds, which is not the only option to roleplay. Often, you might be disappointed if you try to roleplay your character, having people looking at you and wondering what you are talking about or if you escaped from an asylum or something. But keep trying. You will still find fellow roleplayers.

    And as i said, check in RPG stores near you, you should be able to find a group welcoming newcomers.

  • HungChiHungChi Member Posts: 5

    Thx for all you wrote, I really appreciate it :) I will search like I do from the start, and this topic is part of this search :)

  • ZipehZipeh Member Posts: 265

    you could try eve, im a fanboi to say so, but what the heck.

    it is standard level grind sorta game, it is more of a thinking game, with an emphasis on personal choice of activities as apposed to a quest / hack slash sorta thing. heavily player versus player in combat, economics and politics + the players make alot of the content by just being themselves.  worth a look anyhow...  it is sci-fi which may or may not be to your liking. check the eve forum on for a free trial account to check it out.



  • OaksteadOakstead Member Posts: 455

    Check out Dark and Light. Players conquer, develop, rule, and defend their noble's (or clan's)  territories and more generally their alignment lands.  The two sides (Dark) and (Light) seek to gain territory for their resources and stategic location. Mana fountains, if supplied with the right resources, give your side a bonus and a fast line of communication. Cut the chain of mana fountains then you can isolated a territory and then conquer it. So this game will have lots of strategic manuvering such as raiding on the frontiers, open field battles, exploring for intelligence, and diplomacy. Adequate resources will be needed to keep a fight going.

    The nobles who rule territories are players who have the needed skills, especially non-fight skills. They get to develop and control the surrounding resources. Since they can place bounties on players for whatever reason they get to set the roleplay "feel" for their territory. Of course if no one likes a noble or his rules then no one will visit his territory and he may lose it. So lots of natural role play and strategy built into the game.

    Oh, you also have hang gliders and that adds a new dimension to tactics.

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