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Jedi Batman and Indiana Jones All in one game!!!

It would be interesting if you could create any character featured in all the other lego video games and play through there story lines online with your buds.  Hell I'd pay 15 bucks a month if I could kill Darth Maul as Batman. 

Post any ideas you think would be good or interesting about this game.

We know nothing about this game so anything goes.

Please no gta referances pls. *facepalm*


  • Zayne3145Zayne3145 Member Posts: 1,448

    Jedi Batman ftw!


  • Originally posted by Zayne3145

    Jedi Batman ftw!

    You should be able to equip your lego characters with any weapon at all.  Imagine PVP.

    Batman in the blue corner wielding a blue lightsaber.

    Joker in the red corner wielding a red lightsaber.

    Indiana Jones in the green corner wielding a whip

    looking at the other two lightsabers AND *pisses his pants*

  • RocktoberRocktober Member Posts: 118

    Not sure if you'll be able to necessarily re-play the Starwars/Batman/Indy games in Lego Universe, but you will have access to pretty much any character configuration that you want (think all the varied sets, the characters from them, and then mash that all together).

    And while the game will have its own main storyline, you should be able to visit other areas from any of the sets, including new characters/sets that are being developed for the game.  Should be lots of fun!

    You can't win - if you strike me down I shall respawn more powerful than you could possibly imagine!

  • WikkedbowtieWikkedbowtie Member Posts: 494

    Wonder if they are going to add in the bionicles?

  • kailomonkeykailomonkey Member Posts: 6

    Would be awesome if they continued and extended the satirical themes

    Also ofcourse building your own little houses and vehicles would be great, if they could find a way of working that in sensibly.

    *reaches ramble point* /o/

    Your work ingame, if level based, could turn into block numbers and options for creating your own vehicles, buildings etc. Quests for window options, ranks deciding your property's position, as well as self-organised communities for building settlements... All done in a way that makes them truely part of the world.

    And finally, a system (any system) that makes for an environment that doesn't result in 'killing' everything in sight, though that's probably still unlikely for any game. For example, simply capturing creatures, or vetting them, or tagging them.


    The biggest hope really is just for a fun, Lego themed game.

  • jemsmckjemsmck Member Posts: 46
    Originally posted by Wikkedbowtie

    Wonder if they are going to add in the bionicles?


    I would pay $15 if they made Bionicles as a playable "race"

  • docminusdocminus Member Posts: 717

    If I remember correctly, it was stated that "anything" will be possible, since, after all, it is Lego we are talking about.

    So only IP would be a hinder.

    The whole game is more of a world-simulator, so think Sims or Second Life. Part of the main audience are kids, and perhaps families.

    Here are some faqs:


    Quote on PvP:

    "Will the game feature player vs. player (PVP) battling?

    While LEGO Universe is not being designed as a PVP-centric game, there will be opportunities to compete with friends and other players in a variety of scenarios. LEGO Universe will offer both cooperative and competitive challenges to facilitate fun, creativity, and inspiration for the fan community. "


  • Man1acMan1ac Member Posts: 1,428

    Jedi Bionicles!!!

    We're all Geniuses. Most of us just don't know it.

  • docminusdocminus Member Posts: 717
    Originally posted by Man1ac

    Jedi Bionicles!!!


    who wear a hat and wield a whip


  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912

    Now if they'd just bring out Erector Set Online, Lincoln Logs Online, PopSticks Online, and Tinker Toys Online, I'll be happy and content in my second childhood.

  • chriswsmchriswsm Member UncommonPosts: 383

    It would be nice if you could build you own lego home with high tech moving parts.

    I would build a lovely home for my character. . . . With a super villan HQ, lab and holding cells in the basement.


    I would kidnap other peoples lego pets and use the lab in the basement of my innocent looking house to swap the pets heads and other body parts around around and then release them.


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  • SixfeetunderSixfeetunder Member UncommonPosts: 180

    and Chuck Norris???


  • docminusdocminus Member Posts: 717
    Originally posted by Sixfeetunder

    and Chuck Norris???


    well, if you manage to build a lego ironforge with gold spammers and bored players duelling you might get the jokes at least ......


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