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FU Viacom and Bright House!!!!

Great now I will lose my precious comedy central tonight. This is soooo frustrating.

Read here.  !CLICK!

What can I say other then the cable companies screwing the customer again. This is horrible for us in these areas of Tampabay and LA. What will we do without comedy central and spongebob now? 

    Long list of comments on that page from the Tampabay users, all seem pretty upset as well. I would move to Verizon again but they are terrible in my area so I have a bit of a delima I guess. !

Who let you in the VIP section?


  • Tyres100Tyres100 Member Posts: 704

    Annoying thing is they placed a banner on all the stations that we are losing with an arrogant line of text. It's aweful that they did this today and to tell people about it right before it happens. I have been paying the bill every month and never was told of this. All of a sudden they tell 14million customers sorry but we are taking some of your service away.

    Pretty dumb business decision. Bet they lose half or more of those customers to Verizon or Satilite.

    Who let you in the VIP section?

  • AmazingAveryAmazingAvery Age of Conan AdvocateMember UncommonPosts: 7,186

    Actually it is the channels themselves asking for more money. Money that would have to be coughed up by you the consumer and then you would complain the the cable company for raising the bill.

    Rating are down on those stations yet they want more money for broadcasting..

  • hazmatshazmats Member Posts: 1,081

    Yep, It's the cable CHANNELS (Viacom) themselves that are raising their prices. Making Time Warner pay out the ass to carry them. Blame the channels, not the cable company. It's Time Warner that is preventing you from paying more monies.

  • FaxxerFaxxer Member Posts: 3,247

    This happened to MSNBC in the NY area with Verizon FIOS too....  It happens sometimes.


    BUT....  I can see alot of people actually calling a competitor over Comedy Central vs. MSNBC lol

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