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Free MP3 players! OMG! Competely legit!

diSturBeDdiSturBeD Member Posts: 14


Yeah, that's right. You can get a free MP3 player. I'm sure you've seen the ads all over the net by now. Well, these deals are for real. You just sign up, complete an offer, cancel the trial offer and get some friends to do the same. Bam, free MP3 player. Check out the links in my signature to get started! :D

If you'd like sites that contain proof (pictures) that these sites are legit, give me a PM!

Get free MP3 players, including iPod, from these sites!


  • ThinmanThinman Member Posts: 461

    Can I have a free lamborgini as well.. because you know, these deals are ALWAYS exactly as they're presented.

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  • diSturBeDdiSturBeD Member Posts: 14


    Just because they are "ALWAYS" exactly how they're presented doesn't neccesarily mean they are for real. Anyone can offer things for free, especially on the internet. These two and other sites from Gratis are proven to be authentic. I originally thought it was a scam when I first saw the offers. After some research I learned they are indeed real. If you're going to post, give some valid points to why I should take a "flying f/ck at an elctric fence."


    Get free MP3 players, including iPod, from these sites!

  • KiamdeKiamde Member CommonPosts: 5,820

    No. Your not original. This has been tried 3 times in the past 2 weeks...



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  • diSturBeDdiSturBeD Member Posts: 14
    Tried? If you're referring to the links being referrals for me I'll gladly remove them from this post with links straight to the site. I'm just pointing out that they are real. Benefitting from it is just another plus.

    Get free MP3 players, including iPod, from these sites!

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