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Curious if there is any interest in... old-school pen-and-paper style D&D game, with modified 4.0 rules and played online in a chat room (with dice rollers, of course). I have been working on a campaign for a while and was planning to play it with some friends, but they have made it obvious that they aren't interested. I didn't want to throw the campaign out, so I figured I'd post it here and see what happens. I have some really cool ideas for this, and I want to see where it goes.

First, I don't follow the usual rules of alignment. Your character maintains an attitude, but the lines between "good" and "evil" are too vague to be interpreted in terms of black and white. Your character will be expected to behave rationally and as a normal person would, following the normal rules of personality, but outside of that you're free to do as you please without penalty.

Second, if there is enough interest, we may do a "player vs player" campaign where the players are competing indirectly but never have direct contact (or at least don't realize when they do) and everything will be carefully moderated to maintain maximum immersion between the two groups.

Third, almost anything goes. This means that I will fully expect the players to create forts or castles and perhaps small armies, maybe form an empire and possibly even rule the world. The sky is the limit.

Fourth, I will expect SOME roleplaying. I'm not asking for your character's entire life history on the first day, but if someone asks a direct question about him/her, you should either already know the answer or be able to quickly come up with one that fits. This campaign will not be constant hack-and-slash Diablo-style action, but it won't be a pen-and-paper Soap Opera either. I want to keep it balanced between ALL forms of gameplay as much as possible.

Then there's the issue of the 4.0 rules. I like them, for the most part, but I think they are a little overly restrictive and somewhat limiting. I plan on modifying them to my own specifications for use in this campaign. I will be keeping as much of the new rules as possible, however, to limit the complexity of the game and make it flow smoothly. Old rules are interrupted far too often with trivial details.

So what do you think? If you're interested, by all means let me know, and any suggestions, whether related to the ruleset or the campaign itself, are more than welcome. People who have never played D&D before are also welcome, as long as you let me know beforehand so I can be prepared.

Any suggestions or questions can be posted here in this thread, or send me a mail through this website.


  • AethiosAethios Member Posts: 1,527

    Bump, in hopes of catching the attention of people who only read the most recent posts.

  • el_muerteel_muerte Member Posts: 191

    Sounds pretty sweet... don't know if I'd have the time to really get into it though.  Definitely a good idea, in fact kinda along the lines of what I was expecting from D&D Online but less involved.  How were you planning to implement it?  IE: character databases, number of people total/at one time, scheduled times to play, overall length of campaign, etc.  I'd love to hear more about this

  • AethiosAethios Member Posts: 1,527

    I am pretty flexible on most of the details. We would probably seek out 3-6 people to play together, and find some agreeable way to meet, whether that's a scheduled time every week or whatever time is best but different each week or even whatever time people happen to be online at the same time. As far as the length of the campaign, it would be however long people can tolerate playing the same character, or until they "beat the game" so to speak and we run out of content.

  • JoushioJoushio Member Posts: 8

    Im interested, No clue on how to play D&D but I've always been interested. Let me know!

  • SeirenSeiren Member CommonPosts: 89

    I'd be interested. I used to play D&D when I was younger though I think like most kids we always made our own rules...I may be very rusty from the p&p mind set. However, learning and roleplaying is the fun part. Keep me posted.

  • NotArkardNotArkard Lord of the Rings Online CorrespondentMember Posts: 164

    Could be interesting.

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  • Thoth11Thoth11 Member Posts: 17

    You have some interesting ideas there, that is for sure. I like your ideas for Alignments. I have always felt that they were unwieldy in D&D and I like how most other games out there have done away with them. I think you should just role play your character how you want him to be.


  • hvc801hvc801 Member Posts: 987

    whoa whoa whoa, I've been looking for one of these since AOL 5.0!!! thats all I used to go online for was this Vampire Role-Play I was in, my guild was called Vampires of Light (VoL).Man was that sweeeet. I've also been a on going player of D&D.  And there is a MUST for role-play, you have to have a character backround, other wise it makes it stupid, and theres arguments. And it shouldent be a one day thing only, if you have a big enough community on it, anyone should be able to go on at any time and either train with someone or fight someone.  But if you are really down for doing this, if you need any help managing anything or what not, you can count me in. My e-mail is [email protected] . Sounds like a great idea man.  And more power to you.


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    Originally posted by Hazmal

    What does he say when people ask what he did? "My mommy was irking me yo - I wanted to keep pwning nubs on my xbox, so I roughed her up with a hardshell. That is just how I roll."

  • StormbowStormbow Member UncommonPosts: 201
    Originally posted by Aethios

    Second, if there is enough interest, we may do a "player vs player" campaign where the players are competing indirectly but never have direct contact (or at least don't realize when they do) and everything will be carefully moderated to maintain maximum immersion between the two groups.


    This definitely piqued my interest.  I've wanted to run two groups of gamers in a pnp-pvp for years.  I think the best way one could accomplish this, given today's technology, would be using an online tabletop.  OpenRPG or Battlegrounds maybe; there are quite a few choices of online tabletops, to include one that I've come across recently that claims to be entirely free.  (Sorry, I don't have time at the moment to dig through my huge collection of D&D links to find it.  If anyone PMs me about it, I'll be sure to get back to you with the link.)

  • darkbladeddarkbladed Member Posts: 193

    Id be interested but havent played DnD since 2nd edition (though I can probably raise the cash for a players handbook for creation etc) but Im unfamiliar of the post 2nd rule set

  • darkbladeddarkbladed Member Posts: 193

    oh yeah email is [email protected]com tell me if your starting it up

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