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The culture problem. (rudeness towards players, etc)



  • erandurerandur Member Posts: 727

    Don't hate me now, but I'm the same kind of person. :D Hearing somebody with an issue is useful, after hearing it for 200 days/day, I'd love to get rude myself. I could do worse TBH!

    Planeshift is open-source, you could change you want. So my first response would be: "do it yourself".

    You can also feel the helpful developers, or at least they help each other! Which is essential to make good games.

    Hmm... I think i'll go to the PS forums to have fun, in a massive flame-fest between PS devs and 'players' (never really played it).

    Yes I like annoying people! Especially people who say: "This makes me want to go right to your house and slap you in the face.".

    You know it, the best way to realize your dreams is waking up and start moving, never lose hope and always keep up.

  • HiraghmHiraghm Member Posts: 39

    I just want to apologise to PSTruth at this point.


    While I understood and experienced some of his view of PS and the developers, I nevertheless rabidly defended the game. I believe this was, in part, because of my own lack of experience with the PS project, and because, at that time, the negatives had been balanced by the positives.


    I'm not posting this to bash PS or its devs, merely to express an apology which I believe is due.


  • HiraghmHiraghm Member Posts: 39
    Originally posted by UtMoon

    "I am older than you and by default that makes me more mature. "


    I wouldn't say it's by default, but given the young people I encounter, I would say it's far more likely that an older person will be more mature.

    Of course, this is the modern, enlightened age, where we've done away with social conventions such as respect for one's elders, and children should be seen and not heard.

    I think a similar complaint was made in Rome, around 300 A.D. I can't recall exactly when, my memory is a bit fuzzy (I tended to drink back then, before I learned that drinking is not going to civilize the barbarians or restore gravitas and veritas to a rotted society.)  I just remember having the same argument with some surly young lout from Florence in a filthy robe.


  • HiraghmHiraghm Member Posts: 39

    Moon is generally nice, Kieve is mostly nice.

    XilliX is a walking neurosis with delusions of grandeur.

    But the problem with the entire development team is they can't accept the idea that their project is not the second coming of Doom/Quake/WoW/The Ten Commandments/Lord of the Rings/insert epic creative effort here... in the eyes of other people. Say, people who've played commercial efforts. You know, successful games.

    Any enthusiasm for the project is quickly squashed by their insistence upon treating volunteers as employees. And while they seem to think that a "not-for-profit" organization is no different from a commercial effort, when they are dealing with volunteer help, it is.

    For one thing, the volunteer help is less likely to have the talents (generally) of a commercial enterprise. For another, scheduling is going to be a problem, since the volunteers have other issues which must have priority over the project (in clinical terms, I believe this is called "having a life" or at least "... a job".) Thirdly, unless the volunteers have the same adoration of the project as the devs (something that I suspect would require getting one's first computer sometime last week, and therefore never even having heard of "rpg"s) there is little reward for the volunteers, so most rational people will not put up with much abuse of their time or patience. Far less than actual employees who expect a paycheck.  It's just a fact of life.

    In a commercial effort, for example, before a high-resolution, 3d model was created for the purpose of creating a normal map, the source 2D image of the final model would normally be approved by someone with that authority, *before* the model was almost complete and mapped. In a commercial effort, that kind of mistake happens, but far less often because it cost$ money, plus there is someone whose job is specifically to do that approval, and he would have a replacement in the unlikely event he needed to be away from work mid-project for any length of time (which demonstrates the scheduling and quality issues I mentioned above).

    This is just a hypothetical example, of course.


  • harnquistharnquist Member Posts: 13

    Game mechanics are not treated professionally. GM team has issues with professionalism and nepotism. The dev team in my experience is sincere individuals who are doing this in good faith, but they get undermined by certain GMs and the extended community of PS provincials. Way, way, overdue for a wipe of stats, skills and inventories. Guild houses need to be revoked and the slate needs to be wiped fresh.

    Hiraghm is right, you get what you pay for.


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