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[SMX] Sigillum Militum Xpsiti - ONLINE APPLICATION

dorkman74dorkman74 Member Posts: 2

Sigillum Militum Xpisti (SMX)

We are the training/sister corp to The Knights Templar (T-K-T) and Intrepid Crossing alliance.  All members interested in joining TKT who have fewer than 10,000,000 skillpoints can apply to SMX.

We're a corp with a large background, built on experience, and have a longevity of relationships. We are accepting all new players and willing to help mold them into their favorite Eve avenue. SMX dabbles in a bit of everything... pvp, lvl 5 mission teams, mining, manufacturing, invention, tech 2, and we also offer a share in the corps building profits. Members can invest and profit from corp sales.

SMX only requires the following:

  • must be older than 1 month
  • must have more than 1 mil skillpoints


Please join in-game channel '2am' for more details. Major Hill or I (Skyy), as well as many friends, will be there to help guide you through the process.

And check out:


Q. Where can I apply once I am approved?

A. In one of the following systems...

  • Mastakomon xi - moon 2 - DED Assembly
  • Nourvukaiken vii - moon 18 - Ytiri
  • Piak iv - moon 10 - Corp Police Force
  • Poinen v - moon 16 - Sukuuvestaa

Q. Faction Warefare... I love it! How is it?

A. SMX is in the Caldari Militia... so we will be at war. You must have decent standings with Caldari and/or Amarr, that includes a slight negative. Fighting is required to monitor progress and gain expereince for TKT, but not a daily mandatory event. We go by the golden rule... "Use only what you can afford to lose." For those that never tried pvp, SMX and the militia have many skilled and experienced pilots ready to mentor.

Q. Can I place my alt in SMX for pewpew fun?

A. We will accept all alts with an approved main character. If you're just looking to try out Faction War or just want to give SMX a spin, we'll accept you on a trial basis.

Q. Does SMX have any rules, taxes, or requirements?

A. All behavioral rules follow those of TKT. SMX currently has a 5% tax used to fuel POS, pay offices, purchase corp bpcs, and maintain corp.



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