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estimated launch for early 2010

NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

‘DC Universe Online’ MMO Writer Geoff Johns Talks Parallel Earths, Secret Identities

“It launches I think in early 2010, it could be late 2009. I’ve written the overall story and the path that gets you into the game and the areas of the universe and how to explore them, but not every line of dialogue.



  • BatmanlivesBatmanlives Member Posts: 40

    So far DC is all mum on the release date.As for myself i am starting to think 2010 just due to the lack of any real updates on the site.

  • AlienovrlordAlienovrlord Member Posts: 1,525

    They may just be playing old-school developer games and giving the community the silent treatment.    With an IP like DC, they probably think that will create instant hype without them needing to slowly build it during development.

  • BatmanlivesBatmanlives Member Posts: 40

    I really hope so.I Have been really looking forward  to this game even more then champions online.

    To have it come out in 09 would be awesome.If they hold off till 2010 champions will have almost a whole year start ahead of them.

    But then again i rather have a good DC online in 2010 then a so so one in 09.

    I will be trying champions out but the game I'm really waiting for is the DC one.I mean to be able to actually fight along side or against a npc character and not just to get your mishes from 90% of the time would be awesome.Plus not to mention those npc character's will be your fav DC  hero's or villains makes it even better.

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