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give it a shot?

holy11holy11 Member Posts: 23

im looking for a good game and i see alot of people talking about this.should i give it a go?please list pro's and con's you know about this game.

Thanks :P


  • chris1nejichris1neji Member Posts: 17

    GAME has the best PK compared to any other game

    heck it makes WOW PK seem like crap lol.

    Leveling is now easier then a year ago when i started

    This game is the best one after u get out of moradon cuz that is the nooby place.

    Also if you can join a clan with friendly active english speakers your gonna have best experience very well balanced game with the PK


    downside it has maintance every tuesday .... people buy accounts and babshop(buy for real money) from other players even though its against the TOS EULA thingy ... few people spend a few grand :s



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