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Knight Online- Great game, but don't download it. Here is why...

I was having a blast playing this game, but had to uninstall and quit after a few trojan viruses almost got into my computer.


Morale of the story: GREAT GAME, but obviously unsafe. I just wanted to warn some fellow gamers before they download it.


Any free games you would recomend, now that I stopped playing Knights Online? I have Combat Arms and Runescape...

Travian- cowinator


  • tikboitikboi Member Posts: 243

    maybe u just downloaded a prankin site. the prob with knight is the bots.

  • 883448883448 Member Posts: 12

    i stop for the same reson. Best game ive ever played but so unsafe :(. btw try Archlord, or silkroad online

  • ObliviuzeObliviuze Member Posts: 12

    yeah, my rl m8 also got a trojan from the game .. So it's obviously unsafe

  • BonemaneBonemane Member UncommonPosts: 353

    People getting viruses from a game client? Where were they downloading it from?

    Wait a minute...Do you guys have AVG or whatever that antivirus program is called? If so delete it now and install something else cause that thing might be good, but its STUPID and most likely a scam if you're paying for it. That program flags everything as a virus or spyware. No wonder people are saying they got trojans from the Knight Online client. That thing must give people atleast 15 false flags a day and sad thing is people believe every single one and start posting crappy misinformation about stuff having viruses/trojans/spyware all over the internet.

    So if you have AVG uninstall it and get something else. If you're paying for it then, cancel, uninstall then try and get your money back cause I personally think it flags so much stuff as harmful because its trying to trick you into thinking its worth your money or that its actually doing something so you don't think you don't need a antivirus program and uninstall it.

  • chris1nejichris1neji Member Posts: 17

    they where false positives by your AV

    I play this game :) over a year had downloaded multiple times cuz of reformat anyways no virus in this game if you dont trust me go to KO forums where people actually play and download it ....



  • LindameLindame Member Posts: 5

    Really???! oh, i think i will not play the game~~~~unsafe is really a big problem

  • chris1nejichris1neji Member Posts: 17

    why instead of asking people with no expierience try asking someone who actually play this game


    There is no virus in this game....

  • BonemaneBonemane Member UncommonPosts: 353
    Originally posted by Lindame

    Really???! oh, i think i will not play the game~~~~unsafe is really a big problem


    There's no virus. They just have crappy anti-virus programs.

  • hobbes06hobbes06 Member Posts: 5

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