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Constructive criticism thread

So, you that have played this game more then say 5 hours are eligable to speak here.

What is your positive remarks and what is your negative remarks?


Very different

Enchanting progression, you just want to do ONE more thing..


Extremly balanced


Sort of low budget

Some distinct flaws that you need to be aware of before playing


  • suntoxsuntox Member Posts: 31

    what do you mean with "extremely balanced"? or did you mean unbalanced? all parts of the game are rather unbalanced from my experience, starting from pvp, down to the civ part. they even changed the way certain boni count with a recent patch and didnt bother waiting for a new era to start.

    this left a large portion of the playerbase with a suddenly considerably gimped research/military/etc output as now not many small towns are desirable, but instead a small number of large towns. i was "lucky" that it happened just before my subscription ran out, so it didnt matter to me that my research output dropped by almost 40% due to that patch. if i wouldnt have canceled my account before already, i surely would have canceled it after that patch.

    anyway, positive:

    -original game idea

    -a lot of potential to make this game interesting

    -functions quite well (stable) on the technical side except for some minor problems with the browser part

    -servers almost always up

    -nice artworks/music



    -very crude still, needs many months of streamlining

    -extremely unbalanced in almost all aspects

    -the game is an MMO but the PvP is 1v1 and the PvE is single player (no coop or anything)

    -even though the game is 1v1 and single player, its extremely depandant on having an active guild

    -if you dont play from the very start of an era, you will not even come close to the end of the quest chain and

    -you play the same quest chain again and again every era with only a tiny chance to ever see the last quests, because

    -when the first guild finished all quests, the era ends and all empires simply get wiped. just like after playing the beta of an mmo (even though your "dreamlord" himself can keep his equipment and skills), you basicaly start again at zero on the next era (estimated 2 months per era).

    -most of the pve missions you play, take you to the same maps again and again.

    -only 1 gametype in PvP (kind of "capture and hold" style)

    -extremely slow paced game


  • NKNCYWH08NKNCYWH08 Member Posts: 4

    i like this game

  • DraganceDragance Member Posts: 90

    hmmm i really dont like that whole thing about era's. you should be able to compete in ur own campaign and have a online(pvp/guild) with co-op and era's changing.

    but it definetly seems worth trying, and even if i get wiped from an era too early, ill still get my stats and skills so technecly i dont loose much, cause im used to re-establishing civilizations from civilization IV and im used to slow based gaming like FFXI so ya im gonna give it a try

  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 18,390
    Originally posted by NKNCYWH08

    i like this game

    of course you do..umm your name??? work for AERIA no doubt?

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

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