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Role-Player's Settlement in Wurm

ArshoonArshoon Member UncommonPosts: 71

Hello all. This is for the role-players out there seeking something a little different. For too long there has been no support for RP in games. As none are out there, the only thing that comes to mind as a good RP environment is a world where you can at least settle an area and carve out a niche for yourself.

Wurm Online is such a place and I send this call out to all RPers that seek something more than hack-and-slash WoW-clones. In Wurm, you can craft everything, farm and grow crops and even change the landscape! Sure, its an indie game, but try to see past the graphical shortcomings. There are no classes in Wurm, only skills. You can be what you want to be!

You can even play for free forever (though free players have their skill capped). The monthly premium cost is half what most MMOs cost and is worth it once you give the game a chance.


I would like a group of role-players to come role-play carving out a new community. Come join my wife and I in a world where there are no quests, no dev-created plotline you have to follow and where your actions actually mean something.

Want to run an Inn? You can. Care to live as a smith and have a smithy? You can. Want to explore and find resources in the dangerous world? You can.

Wurm is waiting, I am waiting. My in-game character's name is Meridius. Hope to see you.

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