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procrowprocrow Member Posts: 5

I am looking for a  FTP  3d, populated mmo

i play quite alot everyday.     i dont mind haveing to grind  as long as its not like horrible grindage from lvl 1

i enjoy playin games with many classes

                i like to play a rouge or range

pking is optional

ive played

runescape - have had a few accounts highest i got to was 86 then got into pking and started a pure

flyff- have had a few chars.. didnt start when it just came out and it is hard to lvl efficiantly when the higher lvl armor costs like 10mil+ a piece..

cabal- i think it was around 30-35, the quests got annoying

shaiya- didnt like how there was different modes...

RF- it is shut down now ?

and others i cant think of atm.

if u could please give me any suggestions on any game you play id appreciate it

just give some basic info about the game and what ever else you think is needed

have read many things about runes of magic

    if you play in closed beta i would like to hear what you think about the game

i do not have the greatest computer in the world

                  -512 ram

                  -decent video card

also if you play any games that i listed go ahead and post your experance with the game.  the games i listed were very fun its just that i dislike playing games and not knowing anyone in them.

i hope this is good enough information for you

     thank you



  • spinach8puffspinach8puff Member CommonPosts: 864

    I suggest Atlantica Online. It's F2P, turn based, lots of people running around, and encourages grouping by giving more exp & better drops, but you don't have to group. You hire mercenaries and they level up with your main chracter. You start out with three with the class of your choosing and can get up to as many as eight I believe. There's lots of crafting options and pvp is done via duels and arena tournament thingies. A good place to read more would be the AO Wiki.

    Runes of Magic is under NDA still I believe, but it will be released before Christmas. More information on the NDA can be found HERE.

  • procrowprocrow Member Posts: 5

    hmm ill have to look at atlantica.. not a big fan of turn based but doesnt hurt to try it.

         and thank you for the information about runes of magic

  • spinach8puffspinach8puff Member CommonPosts: 864

    Ahh okay... check out 4Story then. It has a lot of players and quests are the primary form of experience. You're given repeatable quests of kill 50 mob_0, but they do offer group dungeons after awhile and territorial pvp. The game is still pretty new.

    Q-World is another one if you don't mind chibi style graphics. The game is based in/around Malaysia and Taiwan so the majority of people are from there and play around EST night time. Everyone starts out as a generic melee character and you get your first job change at level 10 if i remember correctly. There is crafting, open pking, mounts, and everyone can have a pet. The end game is pvp and there are no bosses players can team up on.

  • procrowprocrow Member Posts: 5

    4story looks interesting

    bout to dl now thank you for your help

  • procrowprocrow Member Posts: 5

    hmm 4story didnt grab my attention..

    still up for any suggestions..

  • twiggy550twiggy550 Member UncommonPosts: 492

    Well. Judging by what you want, you could try 2moons, Archlord, or if you have some cash, Guild Wars is Free to Play after you buy it. Personally it's worth it and it's definitely got a large community and it also has plenty of classes.

    RF Online actually comes out next year again in Open Beta. www.playrf.com

    "IRL is a pretty upstanding MMO with thousands of classes, a lot of PvP and even some pretty unique emotes and titles you can acquire. Explore that world first, then we'll talk about this virtual one."

  • procrowprocrow Member Posts: 5

    im thinking about goin to guild wars but unsure.. what is with the expansions and what about guildwars 2.. any info about the expansions or guildwars 2 would be nice.

    are all the expansions needed or good to get also or what ones should i get.

  • kolekkolek Member Posts: 118

     There is only 1 expansion but I think you were think of the campaigns and they are independent from each other for the most part.  There are 3 campaigns: Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall. You can buy only 1 and be able to play that campaign without any sort of deficiency. If you want my opinion you should probably buy Factions first as it comes with Aliance Battling which is a 12v12 pvp arena.


    As far as Guild Wars 2, it probably won't be released untill late 2009 - early 2010, but those dates are in no way set in stone.

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