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looking for a good MMO, F2P or P2P

jbcurriejbcurrie Member Posts: 2

I've been an online gamer for a few years now, and I am pretty certain of what I am looking for in a game, but not sure where I can find all of them combined.  I read the stickied post @ the top of this page, but I still have questions.

Here's what I've liked from other MMOs I've played:

dungeon grouping/ broker system from EQ2

mod-able interface from WoW

well done instances from LotRO (literally keeping you on the edge of your seat)

I'm really interested in being a part of a community, not just another user.  I've tried GuildWars, but there is pretty much NO ENDGAME WHATSOEVER and you could do everything yourself so why even group?

Love grouping, enjoy crafting.  Want to be able to do a few raids eventually.

I'm thinking about going back to EQ2, but I'm really trying to avoid paying monthly for a game.  On the other hand, I certainly don't want to get what I pay for from a F2P game :P



  • spinach8puffspinach8puff Member CommonPosts: 864

    I don't think any F2P games out there have a mod-able interface and I am unfamiliar with the broker system in EQ2. I will suggest Atlantica Online (F2P) for now, but I think you should check out Aion (P2P) as that's the next big PvE MMO coming out sometime in December.

    AO is a turn based MMO with lots of crafting options, dungeons, and it encourages grouping through better item drops & giving more experience. I'm unsure what the end game is like as I don't think anyone has gotten that high, but it's ultimately the best game to pass the time if you don't mind turn based combat. Click HERE and read more information about it on it's wiki page.

  • jbcurriejbcurrie Member Posts: 2

    Thanks alot for the input.  I'll try that one first

  • deadplayerdeadplayer Member Posts: 102

    Atlantica - So many crafting jobs you can choose from. It's next to impossible to learn them all. If you wanna do this for a living, focus on just one LOL.

  • H3r3tikH3r3tik Member UncommonPosts: 24

    You might want to try Runes of Magic. Open beta starts around Dec.15.


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