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Looking for a game free or not. Like Shadowbane

XoshuaXoshua Member Posts: 127

Well I've tried my fair share of MMORPGs.  I've tried WoW, Shadowbane, FFXI, EQ2, LOTRO, PW, etc.  (A lot more).


I've tried them all, and they were fun but...  I'm really looking for a solid game that delivers.  I would like to find a game like Shadowbane.  Able to create a character, and build your own castle and such.  I really loved the concept of Shadowbane.  You kill someone, they drop their gear.  You have guilds, homes, the idea is perfect.  I really wish there was a Shadowbane with more people.  Graphics don't bug me.  Shadowbanes graphics are old but I loved them.


Please someone help me find the game I seek.

Time to fix this genre.


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