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Need an MMO to pass the time

Isamu8597Isamu8597 Member UncommonPosts: 27

Looking for a F2P MMO, anything but RTS and sports. I'm not interested in P2P since I think they aren't any better than F2P. I've tried somewhat 31 MMOs and quit them all. I need something to pass the time while I go beta test Warrior Epic and to try out new games coming in 2009. I don't care much about grind, I can live with grinding since I've played Tenvi and Maplestory. The thing is, I have a bad graphics card I don't want to be killed again, it even has issues with games like Atlantica Online. I don't care about the story, I hope the community is at least better than GunZ. If nothing fits the lines of that (I bet there isn't any left) just suggest one, any besides RTS and sports. I'll even try games in beta, but never alpha.

Hope you guys can suggest me one at least, consule gaming is boring as hell for me now.

MMOs I occasionally play:


Ghost Online

Combat Arms

Drift City

Operation 7

MMOs I've tried/quit:



Gunz: The Duel

Gaia Online



Fiesta Online

Secret of the Solstice

Soldier Front



Dream of Mirror Online

Grand Chase

Xenepic Online

Kart Rider

Top Speed

Ace Online

War Rock

World of Warcraft

Phoenix Dynasty


Chaos Online


Scions of Fate



Ragnorak Online

Stone Age 2

Atlantica Online

Tenvi (Japan)

Anyways, thanks and have a good day!


  • almerelalmerel Member UncommonPosts: 658

    If you could give us your graphics card info that would help. You may be sol.


    Edit: If your able to play WoW, I'd try Guild Wars. You have to buy the game but it's free after that (Or look for a trial key to test it).


    Hello my old friend.

  • Isamu8597Isamu8597 Member UncommonPosts: 27

    Name: Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family

    I hope that's what you're looking for.

    Edit: Yes I'm able to try WoW. Pretty good actually. I might go for Guild Wars when I'm able to.

  • ProdudeProdude Member Posts: 353

    your list is long but the one to the left is longer

    may find something interesting there...GL



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