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JuvenyleJuvenyle Member Posts: 11

What do you think might be the best free MMORPG out there today?  Or even the best p2p one, besides WOW . Thanks in advance! =)


  • spinach8puffspinach8puff Member CommonPosts: 864
  • Calintz333Calintz333 Member UncommonPosts: 1,192

    If you want a casual game to just have fun with, be able to play when you have time, and get things done with players or alone, Guild wars.


    If you want a very hard core mmorpg with a lot of work / grind involved but also has a story real lore, a very big world with a very tight group oriented game play FFXI is the game for you.

    If you want a pure solo game, with no need to ever group, no group stuff, then Solo RPGs are your thing.

    If you want a stratagy PvP game, Warhammer or EvE pirates of the burning sea.

    Over all for me. personally its a tie between Guild wars and FFXI, I am on both extreams, I like games that are SUPER casual, that you can do tons of stuff in 1 hour of time. But I also love games that take days to just get 1 level, or limit your leveling by giving you a super hard quest that requires a 6 man party of people your level to get it done, which takes 3 hours. I dont know I just like both ends, I did not like wow much because its kinda in the middle. I don't l ike the middle.


    Overall you need to be more specific with your question, its hard to give you an answer because there are tons of games for different styles and things.

  • JuvenyleJuvenyle Member Posts: 11

    FFXI sounds kind of cool, is it like WOW in a sense that its OPEN and youre FREE to go wherever and PVP wherever?

  • Calintz333Calintz333 Member UncommonPosts: 1,192

    There is no worth while PvP in FFXI, The only thing that could be considered pvp which I dont think it is, is nation wars. Basically It goes by level cap.. so lets say for example, tomorrow at 2am there will be A Nation war for level 30 cap, then tomorrow at 6am again there will be one for level 60 cap... That is how it works, it has an hour or 2 in between battles, and they are capped. There are level 75 caps to.


    There is no open PK or PVP in FFXI, and the pvp there is is limited to how often you can do it and how much you can do.  It is not a PvP /PK lovers game in any way shape or form.

    It is a PvE 100% group oriented (I mean you seriously can't solo after level 20/75) game.  If you want a fully group based game, that is hard to level, have to forcefully work with people, no PvP but GREAT story very beautifully told and amazing music, and a very rewarding feeling at the end of a long hard road, play FFXI.

    If you want a lazy game, a PVP game or a solo oriented mmorpg that lets you get to max level solo, do not play FFXI. I gotta tell you FFXI is some what if a nitch game, a lot of people hate it, I personally love it. I love being forced into groups, I love having to farm and work for every peace of gear I own. Its really rewarding in the end, but you do need to have tons of time to play it...this week alone (the entire week my college was off for thanks giving) I put in around.. 55 hours of game play. And only got White mage from level 10-29 Farming for gear/money spells and leveling all together. So its not a fast game ether.

     If you want to play it Go to Seraph server look up Alazar, 75 DRG ill help you with what I can.

  • coldacidcoldacid Member Posts: 16

    ffxi is kinda pointless for new players to start now.  the grind to catch up to were the game is now is too long and tiredsome.  guild wars si the best free. and right now i am playing war and i am likeing that. matter of opinion on p2p. cause money is involved.

  • KraizerKraizer Member UncommonPosts: 7

    May you can try 2moons... i think you wanna a good Free mmo but, all they have cash and the mmo who have more and much power-cash itens.. its sux... You will search eternity for a good Free MMO, yep i know why some have a good PVP and bad PVE as well some have good PVE and bad PVP, A balance does not exist in FREE MMO's.



    And... Sorry my bad english ^^ i try speak my best.

    Searching for the perfect MMO...

  • Cik_AsalinCik_Asalin Member Posts: 3,033

    I'd say Atlantica Online; never before has a f2p Asian game captured my attention, as an Eq UO/EQ/WoW, etc player.

    I’m no fan of Asian free-to-play here, BUT I jumped on to ARGOS, their newest server to keep my distance from an overly crowded one, and have been playing this game for a week. . .and that’s coming from a spoiled US resident with once crap launches to play with like AoC and WAR after being bored to tears by EQ (following my first year) and WoW.

    Right, Atlantica is not just a mmorpg, but a RTS/MMORPG. So, I am a product of UO and EQ and have not found a mmo that is as thoughtful about the merge of rts and mmo as this game is. Im very pleasantly surprised at the level of detail with the tactical aspect of combat in this game, both PvE and PvP; well. done.


    I think you have to get past level 20 to get hooked.  In Atlantica Online, you have to actually think about how you not only want to develop your band of mercenaries, your toon/party, but the combat makes you think on your feet as you manage to defeat a group of mobs while shifting your formation to compensate for misfortune at time.

    Its a fresh outlook on the mmorpg genre.  Ive never seen a game where the economy is this good. What I find funny about Atlantica Online is that so many people who dont know anything about it automatically classify it as another f2p asian grinder when really it is nothing like any of the games they are comparing it to, but having been in it for a couple of weeks to actually give me time to experience many of its complex details, I’ve found Atlantica to have a lot of innovation and. With this game, perhaps we'll see that there are people that cannot handle that level of player-driven detail, thoughtfulness or game-play complexity;crafting, PvP, party development, combat.

    When comparing to other games, I’m going to be much sharper in my evaluation. The player-driven economy is excellent I think and I find even the lest likely to sell items sell very quickly. I don’t have to worry about gold farmers posting items at insane prices since the players are actually playing the market and utilizing the market to advance their craft very often at reasonable in-game markets.

    Crafting is very detail oriented, player-driven and broad in Atlantica, which is what again I will measure things against. It’s not to the point of being mundane or micro-management and what I love is that I can have a work-load that crafts as I battle - a great use of on-line time.

    City ownership, skills management, PvP, strategy, tactics, reduced repetitive grind in the same areas, character development yada yada yada;its all good in Atlantica and is a wait and see with Runes. The only thing that is hard for me and others is that character customization is not as unique and individualized as modern US mmo's, but I've been one to say that many modern mmos are nothing more than window-dressing in disguise, so I can live with it.

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