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looking for an mmorpg with a fresh feeling

demolishordemolishor Member Posts: 4

I've played wow, aoc, war and my fair share of free mmorpgs. I'm bored of all these games with the same old formula. I need something different and quick. A few features I'm expecting from potential mmorpg candidates.

a different control interface: no more point and click for me, It feels grindy and requires no skill whatsoever


a new setting/genre: i've seen a dozen fantasy mmorpg's, maybe sci-fi but preferably something completely different from the usual formula.


a good community: good friends will keep me playing even if the game sucks. If you know a game with mature community, or a friendly guild/s, mention it here.


If you know a game that has preferably all of these, or at least one, just tell me.


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