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I am looking for a game.

CadexnCadexn Member UncommonPosts: 137

Five score years ago,  great games, in which EVE-online, Everquest, shadowbane, FFXI and L2 managed to capture the heart of thousands.

but today,  most of the games have gotten old and people are losing interest.  Hundreds of promosing games such as Warhammer online, Age of Conan, Vanguard, LotRO, etcetc failed to deliver their promises and hypes.

I am looking for a game today!

I am looking for a game that provide no restrictions to character's customization.  No restrictions to the customization of our race, body, skin, face, eyes, cornea, iris, pupil, lens, retina, optic nerves. In which people are free to wear any clothes they like of any colour.

I am looking for a game that provide no restrictions to the way the character is played. A game where people are free to be whatever they like. Being a warrior and mage at the same time, being a healer and killer at the same time, being a giant noisy berserker and stealthy assassin at the same time (k bit wrong there). 

I am looking for a game that provide no restrictions to professions. Carpenter, Blacksmith, Fletcher, Miner, Tailor, Farmer, Hacker, City builder or even create your own profession no one heard before, sheep launcher, cow bomber, frisbee hotdog maker, movie producer that somehow creates equipment. Once again, people are free to be whatever they want to be!

I am looking for a game that provide a realistic system where crafts are made through experiments and discoveries. Where items are produced manually through crafts instead of one magic button. Where crafts actually requires effort and creativity. 

I am looking for a game that provide limitless boundary to exploration. Exploring old ruins, finding new towns, and discovering treasures.  A game vaster than earth, larger than sun,  richer than the universe.  Where quests and missions are ever-changing and affects.

I am looking for a game that provide limitless possibilities. A game where time and genre don't matter.  A game where people are willing to trade their life for.  A game people have dreamt for.

When this game exist, when we allow freedom ring,  when we let it ring from every aspect of the game, we will able to speed up that day when all of us, male and female, nerds and geeks, fanboys and flamers, will be able to join hands and sing in the words :




I suck so very bad at grammar, so pardon me for any inconvenience caused while reading.

Right, so before you call me or or or . The post above is meant to be a joke, and of course the game i'm looking for will not exist, not in 10 years or even 20.  When i say "promising games...failed to deliver", it is solely based on my OWN opinion. no flamy flamy pl0x.



  • dlooneydlooney Member Posts: 306

    WOW :P ok so most of those things yes are to good to be true. However have you checked out ryzom has an awesome crafting system and you can be whatever class you want to be.

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