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System Requirements for MMORPG.COM?

maimeekraimaimeekrai Member UncommonPosts: 256

What are the recommended system requirements to run the MMORPG.COM homepage?

I'm at work right now and this 400mhz Celeron image is having a hard time keeping up with the 3 - 5 flash animations that are running on the homepage.image



Hmm. Apparently there are only 2 flashes running now. I thought the right panel showed flashes occasionaly. Did you guys change something recently? I sometimes have a problem back-arrowing out of a discussion topic as there is always a wierd page that shows up in the previous menu under the back-arrow. I was once 7 pages into a topic and noticed this weird URL at the top ov the previous menu. When I back-arrowed a few pages it was still at the top! It looks like a link that autoloads on every topic page to check for updates to the inbox or something. Maybe I'm going nuts...image

I just bought the game, is beta over yet?



  • AbemonAbemon Member Posts: 203

    you can always click on the flash with right mouse button and select: quality>low or you can use tools>internet options>advanged for more... ;)

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