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Looking for a secondary MMORPG

SorvahrSorvahr Member Posts: 11

Hi guys :D

I'm currently looking for a second MMORPG to play when i get bored with WoW.

What i'd like:

  • No monthly fee.
  • Sandbox-like. It doesn't need to be 100% sandbox, but i don't want a totally linear game.


What games do you think i would like? I'm open to any ideas!




  • KorbyKorby Member Posts: 499

    ogre island.

  • napalmninjanapalmninja Member UncommonPosts: 114
    Originally posted by Korby

    ogre island.


    ITS A TRAP!!

    Dont do it dont even look at that game its terrible really really terrible.

    but to answer your question im not  sure you can find a sandbox mmo thats free maybe runescape or maybe mabinogi im not sure exactly what you want but mabinogis kinda like starting a secondary life you age, its skill based, easy to get into and lots of things to do. I didnt like it too much but maybe you would it wouldnt hurt to download it.

  • SorvahrSorvahr Member Posts: 11


    I'm dowloading Mabinogi, it sounds good :D (looks kinda gay though =P)

  • napalmninjanapalmninja Member UncommonPosts: 114

    yeah it does the graphics are cutesy but its the closest thing to sandbox ive played thats free

  • MaggotscreamMaggotscream Member Posts: 284

    I know i'm gonna get some heat for this but Runescape fits your criteria.

  • SorvahrSorvahr Member Posts: 11

    Ok, i just installed Mabinogi and i can't play it, it's only for americans and i'm argentinian =(

    And about Runescape, i just googled some pics and it looks awful =/. I'm not much of a graphic whore, but it looks REALLY old. Might give it a try though.

    Is GunZ any good?

  • napalmninjanapalmninja Member UncommonPosts: 114

    oh well gunz is pretty fun i think, its not a sandbox but when you get higher levels people use these certain special move things that really make things hard unless you can do them and i never could so give it a shot either you like it or dont thats why theres the uninstall feature.

  • KorbyKorby Member Posts: 499

    Gunz isn't an MMORPG. It's an MMOAG (mmo action game). It requires hours upon hours upon months of practice to get good at it (Believe me, that's how long it took me).


    As for mabinogi, it is NOT free. You are limited to what you can do if you don't buy cash.

  • spinach8puffspinach8puff Member CommonPosts: 864

    Here's a nice list of sandbox MMOs someone has put up on Kreation's Edge. Some are F2P, P2P, or still in beta so search through them. There isn't that many so it shouldn't take long.

  • almerelalmerel Member UncommonPosts: 658

    Runescape may have horrible graphics but it's the about as sandbox as it gets. I would try the game if you really want sanbox. If you want a change of pace you can always try Guild Wars. It's not completely free but I use it when I get burnt of  WoW


    Hello my old friend.

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