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Where would you be without WoW?



  • eeargyeeargy Member Posts: 300




  • InspektaInspekta Member Posts: 9

    EQ actually has some pretty cool looking dwarves... cooler looking dwarves... im still nueteral as to which one im gonna spend my money on

  • RhevinRhevin Member UncommonPosts: 609

    Originally posted by aeric67
    Well, the word "quite" by itself has roots in ancient Latin and is generally defined as being "many".The term "a ways", despite common belief, comes from the Gaelic slang-term for "farginas", or "fargin" in some cultures. Commonly known in modern times as "freakin".The final word, "away," can be traced as far back as the Sumerian dynasties. The god Anu, once beseached an unknown prophet and spoke of a period of time between the rising and falling of the moon. Currently, the best known translations of this word is "awauikus", which means "half of a god's night", or one half of the waning and waxing of the moon. This word has been changed and adapted since that time and now means "away".So, basically that means "many freakin halves of a god's night".I guess that means we better pray.

    I'm guessing this is what people ARE doing as we wait for OB....::::18::::::12::


    Two atoms walk out of a bar. The first exclaims, "Damn, I forgot my electrons." The other replies, "You sure?". The first explains, "Yea, I'm positive."

  • maddo19735maddo19735 Member Posts: 3

    I reply kill myself, in my own term it s means find an RL job

    I tested EQ2 and it s goes worst and worst, classes get nerfed, I was a happy cleric before last patch when I feel like going back to stone age..

    Games I m waiting are the add on for AC1, even if the unique magic system and my pea will never have any more a use, wish, D&L and Mourning.

    And if WoW wouldn t exists, I d perhaps make a come back to AO, but I ll never go back to CoH / EVE or Hz (this one becomes to be a big desert of plots), or pehaps take a book of dev and making it :)

  • maddo19735maddo19735 Member Posts: 3
    I forgot to say that EQ2 win the "carebear award 2004"

  • khas001khas001 Member Posts: 102

    I think I'd be playing a lot more of CS: Source and banging my head in the wall waiting for HL2. I loved the ORIGINAL UO, and Second Age in the VERY begining was ok to. DAOC was ok but got old fast. I think DAOC was to much PvP and not enough social interaction for me in a MMO.

    I know for sure I'd be spending a lot more of my time working on a few D&D 3.5 projects, but thats it I still got time on those...

    But really not since Early '97 and the begining days of UO have I been satisfied with an MMO. So WpW really is the SINGLE MMO I look forward to. MxO and Guild Wars have caught my attention but they feel more like a fleeting pass then anything serious.

    So to repeat my answer as I'm sure it got lost in my typical rambles, I'd PLAY more CS: Source, and HL2!!


    Hope is a waking dream.
    -Aristotle [384 BC - 322 BC]

    Hope is a waking dream.
    -Aristotle [384 BC - 322 BC]

    -NE Hunter 'IceCrown Server'

  • ColdmeatColdmeat Member UncommonPosts: 3,402

    They need to hurry up and release HL2, so that Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines can be released.


  • AdmiralChaosAdmiralChaos Member Posts: 72
    I would most likely be sitting on FFXI like I used to, checking my Auction house every 3 seconds :-P

    Whats that? Oh yeah, thats my beacons hittin your hull...


  • RichijefeRichijefe Member Posts: 142

    probably waitin for Middle earth online, matrix online or dungeons and dragons online.... not EQ2 since it has no pvp and i like pvpin, its my fav thing in mmorpgs ^_^

    Richijefe... level 61 Silver Ranger on Bartz... quit 4 months ago ^_^


  • abollardiereabollardiere Member Posts: 128

    Guild Wars is where I'd be going for if WoW would not come. I think I have more hours logged on Diablo II than any other game out there. I've always wanted a sequel so if and until there is one, Guild Wars is where it's at.

       I've only played two MMRORPGs and although I loved the concept, I wanted more from a MMORPG ... until I played WoW stress beta !! image

       Now, gaming time has been replaced by forum reading ... There is nothing else out there that interests me.

    Even though WoW is the clear choice for me, I will try the Guild Wars world event and buy the game afterwards if I really like it. I don't think I could play 2 MMORPGs at the same time but this, to me, is different.


    SWG - droid engineer (retired)

    CoH - Electric Lama - Lvl 25 Blaster

    WoW Stress Beta - Kame - Lvl 16 Night Elf Hunter (brutally killed)


    SWG - droid engineer (retired)

    CoH - Electric Lama - Lvl 26 Blaster(retired)

    WoW - Kame - Lvl 60 NE Hunter
    Server: Zul'jin
    Guild: Crash Test Bunnies

  • HerithiusHerithius Member UncommonPosts: 187

    Should be noted that D&D online will no form of PvP either, not even arena's.

    Without WoW.. Id probably be anticipating the next best PvP based mmo on the market.. that being Guild Wars.

  • FE|TachyonFE|Tachyon Member UncommonPosts: 652

    I was considering Guild wars too.

    I liked UOs old style PvP.

    I like that guilds can join a faction like ORDER and Chaos, OR be in a guild witha Rivalry vs another guild.

  • eeargyeeargy Member Posts: 300

    Yeah I forgot about Guild Wars. I'd like to change my plea. If Blizzard hadn't made WoW, I'd be playing the game made by ex-Blizzard staff.



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