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Hi LFGame for a mmorpg veteran

lordmaolordmao Member Posts: 3

Hi first my story / experience..

I started with lot of offline rpgs and did my 1st step to Final Fantasy XI nearly on beta times US and played it with few breaks till Spring 08. In the meantime was trying following game and canceld them soon with giving the reason:

Vanguard: Very nice preview and screenshots, but the game was a bit complicated and bit to hard for beginners. I lost the fun in it very fast.

Everquest 2: Played it a bit longer, but after doing the same thing again n again n again lost fun there too. Was wondering cause pics where nice, videos too but nah.

Guild Wars Nightfall: Nice graphic, but very lame that this game based on NPCs everywhere but no monthly cost so ok, BUT canceld too.

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Played it but just got remind from screenshots so dont remember the game anymore. Can't be good that way.

RF Online: Played the beta priceless but always the same again n.. blabla.

and last but not least Warhammer Online: great expectations, but big fall. Nice concept but 0,0% storyline and just monotone questing, PQing and PVP.

I know WoW very well, cause a good friend is playing it since it started here in EU, but i dont like the graphic / Warcraft3 style.

So i'm looking now for a replacement of FinalFantasyXI , cause i mean the game has not that good graphic but way one of the best public and community system. And its not a secret that Square Enix is making best RPGs, Cutszenes and Storys. But i think lot of game are that good too but not the ones i tested. So i ask you guys to give me some tipps. Here some conditions i would love to see:

- big community / social play / EU or US Server

- not the possibility to solo till last lvl (i saw it on WoW by PL etc.). I need strong group requirement

- graphic up to date not comic style ala WoW or 4 corner trees

- maybe possible to play with joypad ala FFXI



Happy posting




  • spinach8puffspinach8puff Member CommonPosts: 864

    Check out this thread as it's mostly asking about group conent. LF Group-Oriented MMO

    Atlantica Online is your best bet for group content since it gives more exp and better drops when in one. Check out Aion also that will be coming out before the year ends. Like that thread says most MMOs these days don't force or encourage grouping which makes people generally keep to themselves and solo.

  • PapadamPapadam Member Posts: 2,102

    If you want a MMO which focus on storyline then you should try LotrO.. its not a prefect game but when it comes to story/lore its probably the best. It have a good balance between solo and group content but its possible to solo to lvl cap but you have to group to complete the Epic books. (most MMOs is soloable theese days)

    If WoW = The Beatles
    and WAR = Led Zeppelin
    Then LotrO = Pink Floyd

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