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Earthrise: Earthrise Devchat

SzarkSzark News ManagerMember Posts: 4,420

Do you have questions about Earthrise? Join and the developers from Masthead Studios on Saturday, December 6th at 2 pm EST and get your answers during the Earthrise Dev Chat.

Masthead Studios CEO, Atanas Atanasov will be on hand along with other devs to give you answers straight from the source.

Join us on December 6th for the Earthrise Devchat.


  • Joker2240Joker2240 Member Posts: 664

     Awesome! Just awesome! Looking forward to this.  I will be there for sure.

  • RehmesRehmes Member Posts: 600

    Same, im looking forward to this game.

  • gothamgotham Member Posts: 26

     I'll be there

  • levsixlevsix Member UncommonPosts: 363

    I'm looking forward to this. If this game can deliver on half of its purported features, it will be amazing.

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  • CavadusCavadus Member UncommonPosts: 707

    Can't wait!  Must... have... beta...


  • DarkrangerxxDarkrangerxx Member Posts: 31

    Cool, this game looks awesome

    Can't wait to annoy, i mean discuss, with the devs on its every feature

  • evilektronevilektron Member Posts: 2

    Very nice event ;)

    BTW for the european people:

    2 pm EST -> 19.00 GMT


    ...we're living in strange eons...

  • YunggBlackYunggBlack Member Posts: 1

    pls email mye when its ready cuz i wana kill so bad but make friends and enyemes for the fun of the game jk.... [email protected]

            [email protected]

    title it earthrise Begins plz lol thks sumone

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