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Leveling question

DracainDracain Member Posts: 24

I was just wondering, what is the highest lvl a mag can be before he becomes a wizard and what's the mage max lvl, same question for the wizard also, highest lvl he can be before high wizard is restricted and highest lvl a wizard can be.  Any answer is appreciated. 


  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,320

    In RO you aren't class locked.  You can be a novice to 99, or change at 11~12.  Similiarly you can do the same as a mage.  However, most people change from Mage to Wizard from 53~64.  To become a High Wizard, you first have to become 99, then do the transcending quest, and start as a level 1 high novice.  Go to High Mage, then eventually become a High Wizard.

  • frankyclamfrankyclam Member Posts: 5

    The level depends on your job level, yes it's right ranging from 53-64 on your base level. But if you wish to max your job level to 50, probably you will reach 70 I think.

  • snowchrome2snowchrome2 Member UncommonPosts: 239

    before i quit iRO the record for the lowest level job 50 class (aco) was lvl 38.

    *i personally made a mage lvl 44 job 50 then turn to wiz, mostly did leaf cats but i did a few gaos and stings*

  • DracainDracain Member Posts: 24

    Thanks for the answers, there very usefull to helping me plan out my mage. 

  • tightropetightrope Member Posts: 7

    It is possible to achieve job level 50 with a very low level but you will have to check how much the monster is giving high job exp. Check the monsters database on different sites so you will know what to hunt. Goodluck!

  • amorsekoamorseko Member Posts: 5

    But be careful on hunting gaos and stings, they're too painful when they hit you, well mages are really like that hit and runners but it's better if you are accompanied by a higher level priest or priestess.

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