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Anyone else find themselves doing this?

I've tried all the mmorpgs out there and the last time I liked one was back in 2003 when games like SWG and Planetside were good and showed potential. So because I've been hooked in I feel like I need a new home and have been searching for a online world to live and comit to ever since. However the problem is that everything that has come out since just hasn't been any good. I mean WOW got sooo many things right like the combat was great and they actually made the classes fun to play, which most mmorpgs don't do like WAR's boring classes.

So I've gone through the whole list on mmorpg and hate them all so I then go back to ones I've tried before because I'm like "they migth have changed" and what a suprise.... no they still suck. I say to myself "WOW sucks and battlegrounds ruined it but maybe WotLK changed it" and I moan about not being able to digitally purchase it the next min because I just need something to play and that was my only hope left for 2008. I played WAR in the beta and it sucked balls and I knew it wouldn't be any good after launch but I bought it anyways and got 10 mins into it and thought to myself "I've done this all in WOW and it was much better there.... do I really want to go through this again?" and just quit lol.

They're all bland and they're all clones of eachother which are a system I don't like and most of them have combat that feels very off. Like I said WOW has the best combat because it just has amazing feedback with fun clases who have fun spells and it just works. Then go to games like WAR and the combat is just off and 99% of mmorpgs out there suffer from the same thing. It doesn't matter how good the rest of the game is, if theres one thing wrong with it then you just can't overlook it.

GRRR I'm now downloading Lotro again even though I played it the other month and couldn't stand the character models, animations and combat. Yet I'm still going to play it for 5 mins and then move onto the next one lol.


:'( Just gimme a time machine to go back to the Cities patch of SWG because that was an amazing time.


  • TheRedPillTheRedPill Member Posts: 114

    Try getting a dog.

    I hear this over and over again. The problem is that the honeymoon phase ocurrs when we are most easily impressed. Like a first kiss. Our expectations rise with our experieinces, but technology cannot possibly keep up. Actually the concepts of technology can keep up but the manufacturing of technology slows the process way down.

    I do think some of  the developers with the highly hyped games are now some of the kids who cut their teeth on MMORPGs and "get it" that we need a new generation of content.

    Take Aion (due for release next Spring)  for example, with the promise of intense one-on-one Aerial combat and the introdcution of what they call PvPvE. I think we gamers are about to be served some heady stuff in the next year or two, and I for one can hardly wait!  

  • TatumTatum Member Posts: 1,153

    Only solution:  find some other hobbies...lol.  I am serious though.  If MMOs were my main hooby I'd be bored out of my mind right now.  Fortunately though, I have plenty of other things that I love to do, so I can afford to just slink around the shadows, waiting for some one to start releasing good MMOs. 

  • John.A.ZoidJohn.A.Zoid Member Posts: 1,531

    I just want something new that works because the whole class/level based system just doesn't do it for me really. I mean why do I have to spend weeks of my life grinding to end level to play the fun part of the game? Why not just give me a level 70 character? I don't want to solo through a whole game because all my friends are higher level than me.

    Also I hate how alot of my new friends I met at college play on different servers but we have to pay money to be able to play the game with eachother, it's like I can't be bothered to start again so we end up not playing the game at all.

    Give us free server transfers!

  • EndDreamEndDream Member Posts: 1,152

    buy gears of war 2 (and a 360 if you have to) its pretty much one of the greatest games of all time.... ever

    Remember Old School Ultima Online

  • altairzqaltairzq Member Posts: 3,811

    I hear the first kiss thery over and over again. It's not the case now. New MMOS are crap.

  • ElsaboltsElsabolts Member RarePosts: 3,476

    You might give Vanguard a try they have a 2 week trial i believe

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  • PepsipwnzgodPepsipwnzgod Member Posts: 203

    my first mmo was Diablo 1 and i played that till diablo 2 came out then i was hardpressed to find a game till WoW now everything else looks like a pile of crap, i do like wow though but i mean.. i know itll be more of the same everyday which is why im debating on getting the expac -.-


  • spinach8puffspinach8puff Member CommonPosts: 864

    If you've gone through every game on the MMORPG.com list I suggest starting a review site/blog of what you think of each of them and finding facts to support your thoughts. You could help out a lot of people who are lost and looking for a game.

    If you are comparing every game to whatever your favorite is you will never be happy. Learn to accept the uniqueness of each game. I'm not saying every game out this is good, but I am saying not every game is a clone or as bland as you think.

    Also there is no reason for you to grind for weeks in order to reach the "fun part" of the game. How about taking the time to enjoy your journey. If you say it's because you want to play with your friends then I suggest making new friends along the way. Expand your horizons and go outside of your comfort bubble now and then. You're missing out on a lot of fun rushing to the end. Slow down and take some time to explore what the developers were trying to accomplish in a game.

  • John.A.ZoidJohn.A.Zoid Member Posts: 1,531

    I don't enjoy the journey to end level : I enjoy the PVP once I get to level 70 but I find the quests sooooo boring because they're all the same and I mean if they had a story to each one I cared about then I would have fun but they have to be seamlessly built into the environment and noone seems to be doing that, I don't want instances.

    Some of the best quests I had were in EQ2 where I had to unlock the froglok race and I was going around in the world doing this really kool long story quest and I actually cared about it because it was exciting. EQ2 just has some of the best quests out there and when I was playing the game in 2004 I was just blown back how much of a step up they were. I mean things like all the Qeynos quests when I was exploring that huge city and it was getting me to do pretty standard stuff but it was all voice acted and immersive. Then I found out that after level 10 it went to shit because I had to go into Antonica and the quests went to crap and the zones were all boring. The one thing I hated about that game that I didn't care about at first but once I realised it wasn't just a city thing was all the zoning.

    I don't want to frigging go to a new zone get 10 boring kill quests go and do them until I'm high enough to move on to the next zone until I reach end game. I don't even want a an end game......


    I did content because it was fun and not because I wanted to get experience, gain levels or want a reward. I just did it because I had a fun time with my friends and seeing places like Jabba's Palace was amazing. The game just needed more content but everything I did in the game was just something I reallyed liked doing. I used to constantly change professions because I found it fun to dabble and I loved making droids and creatures. I didn't waste my time grinding 70 levels because I had to to play with my friends. The first time I logged into that game (I had to import it so I was a few days late) all my friends were ahead of me but I could play with them straight away.

    Gamese these days just feel like everything I'm doing I've done before and it's all pointless because I'm not having fun, they just decided to copy WOW.

  • Storm_seerStorm_seer Member UncommonPosts: 12

    Play Fallout 3, it is engaging, fun, suspenseful, etc.

    It's not an MMO but then I think we are all agreed on that subject  *yawns*

  • spinach8puffspinach8puff Member CommonPosts: 864

    Do me a favor and describe what you want in short brief sentances because I have big doubts you have played every single game on the list of this site.

  • EATtheDEADEATtheDEAD Member Posts: 207

    all mmos are trash

    and that honeymoon phase theory is true. i had more fun in eq1 then any game ive tried since

    i got eq when kunark launched and it was amazing, i played for years until the game started blowing ass after PoP

    i've played every mmo that has come out since then and nothing ever feels like home like eq1 did. and there are a lot of games that are superior to eq lol its just eq1 was my first mmo so nothing can compare

    im a game jumper now, i just go from game to game that keeps me entertained until something amazing comes out that never will cause the entire market is bullshit now, with every company churning out the same bullshit with a different name

    i even tried going back to eq1 to see if it would give me that fix ive been longing for and nope its a horrible freakish game now even more so then when i left


    mmos will hopefully die someday so i can stop pine'ing over one worth a damn

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  • John.A.ZoidJohn.A.Zoid Member Posts: 1,531

    What pisses me off is all the generic trash that gets put out. I mean for a mmorpg you need to have an interesting world and lore but most mmorpgs don't do that and they still expect you to play. I tried that Vanguard game out and it feels like it was made by kids in their basement.... not a $30 million game.

  • DameonkDameonk Member UncommonPosts: 1,914
    Originally posted by EATtheDEAD 
    mmos will hopefully die someday so i can stop pine'ing over one worth a damn


    If... if only this would happen.... my god... I... I want to live my life again!

    (Or it would be nice if one would come out that's actually long term and engaging.... wait... what am I saying!?  Damn you MMO games!)

    "There is as yet insufficient data for a meaningful answer."

  • TheRedPillTheRedPill Member Posts: 114

    Well if that's the way you feel, that's the way you feel. Not all of us feel that way. Some of us are actually looking forward to the new games coming out.  We're all entitled.

  • dethgardethgar Member Posts: 293

    I can understand the desire to find something that will hook you in. I have been and still am looking for my 3rd MMO love, but have yet to find it. I began with Pre-CU SWG, to the point of obsession. I then moved on to WoW, again to the point of obsession. Most other MMO's are largely difficult to stick with long term, considering communities are unreliable and fickle. EVE would spark my interest if it weren't a time based progression game, but unfortunately it is and regardless of how smart or long I play I will always be far behind the veterans. Video Games in general over the last decade or so have been geared more towards low attention spans and replay value, basically being just a temporary fix. You move from fix to fix without ever reaching anything refreshing or ultimately satisfying. Fallout 3 for instance was fun but rather short and in some parts poorly put together(the ending). Same goes for Oblivion, Fable, Fable 2, all Halo games, all Gears of War games, you see the pattern? Even the popular games don't have a vast amount of replay value unless you enjoy doing fps deathmatches over and over in a controller based shooter. It's time for a change, it's time for depth, story, interaction, and replay value to take to the helm of the industry much as it did in the mid 90's!

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