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8th Server - Scorpio Coming Soon!

ramothinramothin Member UncommonPosts: 15


Wonderland Online's 8th server - Scorpio will be coming at the same time as the new version - Fairy' s Whisper.

The new version will feature the releases of the Rebirth System, Mercenary System, Forging System, Fairy Skills, four new civilization maps and much, much more... Surely, players will have a whole new Wonderland experience to look forward too!

Rush to invite your friends to join the game!

PS: The test for Version 3.0 is coming to the end, and it will be released soon.

For more info about Wonderland Online click here:


"None of us are as strong as all of us!


  • ramothinramothin Member UncommonPosts: 15

    The exact time for their release is November 13th EST(GMT-5), after the maintenance (1:00am to 3:00am EST (GMT-5) on November 13th).

    For more details about version 3.0:

    The new server-Scorpio has 3 branches, and to celebrate the release of the Scorpio Server, we will be holding a series of events.

    In-game Events:

    King of the Newbie's

    "Forbes List"

    7-days of Double Exp

    Scorpio Server Gift

    Gifts for Leveling up

    "None of us are as strong as all of us!

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