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Kal Online

madanchimadanchi Member Posts: 2

Hello there, I'm not quite sure if someone may know this problem but whilst finished installing Kal Online, the patch needed to be updated and installed. I did this to find that, at the end of the installation it came up with an error " Can't decompress DataItemWeapon exPG_S12_04.GTX.gz ".

It then allowed me to enter the login screen but as soon as i clicked log in  another message appeared "You have been expelled " (one time this message came up without typing anything, so maybe time related) and then closes the window and I am forced to install the patch again which takes a really long time.

Thank you


  • GlubbyGlubby Member Posts: 85

    Don't waste your time, the game is crappppppppppage.

  • madanchimadanchi Member Posts: 2

    well thats supportive... :P

    edit: actually it might not be that good as i think but i hope so but, i dont think there is even a support page or even anyway to contact them on their official site.

  • OzmodanOzmodan Member EpicPosts: 9,726

    I think you pretty much wasted your time on this one.  There are a lot of bad f2p games out there, but there are some really good ones too.

  • TecknicTecknic Member Posts: 458

    We can't really help you on this one.  Unless you can get in touch with the actual individuals in charge of running and maintaining your version of the game and get them to help you out, it looks as though you're up a paddle without a creek.

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  • TurnellTurnell Member Posts: 239

    Its true that a lot of players didnt like Kal online (Myself included) however if this guy wants to try it, let him. Its F2P, he wont lose anything, except time

  • viperaceviperace Member Posts: 10

    Kal Online is for a strong minded person, there are hard objectives to the game but once you get past that 50 mark your skills and tallents are stronger so you can kill monsters 100times faster then before. also the 3 bosses with a 4th one comming out soon so there is endless fun with finding a plan with a group of players and killing the monster.


    Oh with the error just redownload it i just downloaded it to test it and it seems fine to me


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