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Questions about gameplay

optimusiioptimusii Member Posts: 3

Hi, i am playing the trial but there are a few basic questions about the game that i cant get anwsered that would help me to enjoy it alot more.

Can a pure fighter do well in the game?

Where do i hunt?

Where do i go to get killing missions?

What is the best Race/class combo for a hunter?

I have heard something about "you can hunt at anything under .08" how do i get to a certain cord like that?

All of these quesitons plus any more newbie tips would be very appreciated, Thanks!


  • CennCenn Member Posts: 239


    I've been playing for a couple of months now - so i think i can help :)

    A pure fighter can do very well :) I work for the Gallente Federation Navy (doing kill missions) - pretty much solely after i finished with the tute agents. i've bought my own cruisers, built a couple of ships from recycled minerals from the loot i collect from dead ships.

    Hunt? I dont hunt - i do kill missions for the Gellete navy - they tell you where the rats are, you are sure to get some to kill, and often the targets are away from other players so not often "camped". So do kill missions rather than "hunt" to start with.

    To get kill missions, open the "people and places" of the client, and search for the various npc corporations, then when you look at the agents, look for the "internal security" and "security" divisions. They give the most kill missions for me so far.

    There is no "best" race/class combo... there are no real classes.
    but, you want to get lots of gunnery, electronics and engineering skills. basically anything that improves your powergrid and cpu is a good skill (lets you fit more) Also mechanic skills can be good - increases your armour and hull.
    learning to use a microwarpdrive is a must. Speed is your friend.

    Try to concentrate on one race/skill to get the most out of your skill points. I am pure gallente ship pilot, ,hybrid weapons, and drones. I only yesterday am training missile and smartbomb skills.

    I fly Gallente, use lots of drones and short range blasters. I prefer using frigates and cruisers (cheaper if you get killed, and more exciting combat)

  • ZipehZipeh Member Posts: 265

    you can find npc pirates to hunt in the asteroid belts, at special locations like wrecks and abandoned stations, sometimes at gates, and at locations found in pirate logs dropped by npc pirates you kill.

    difficulty of killing, and reward for, increases as you go to lower security space. 1.0 is highest security 0.0 is lowest.  you can check the security of a system by looking in top left corner when in the system, or check the map and view stars by security rating.

    no one race is best at combat, no one ship is best at combat, no one weapon is best at combat.  Eve is a well balanced game where one can chose from a wide range of ships / skills / weapons / ship eq / tactics etc.. and do as well as someones elses choices.  there are obviously some basic rules to follow, but your best bet is to read eve-online forums or ask in real time in help chat in game, or better yet join a pc corp. 

    insure your ship if you arnt 100% sure of success.  do not go in 0.4 or below systems when you start as pc pirates can kill ya with little repercusion. 

    get a clone that supports your total skill points. character info will tell you your total, and at a clone facility (again you can chekc the map and view by station type) who allows you to keep all your present points and enough to keep you ok as you learn more.

    allways be learning a skill, you can start new skills while training one and you wont lose any points.  as you can not cue skills to train after the one your on is done, best to set longer skills while sleeping or away from our comp.  Do short ones while playing and long ones when not.

    learning skills are great as they increase training speed (each skill has a primary and secoundary attribute that effects its training time - this is all attributes do)  the sooner you get these skills up the faster your training times will be.

    dont worry about training things to lv5 atm.. lv3 should be fine for most things -- lv3 is fast to get to usualy, and the additional increases after this although good are not worth the time when you could be learning a new skill to level 3.  in many cases lv1 is all you need to allow you to fly that new ship or fot that peice of eq you couldnt use.  after that the otehr levels give you a % increase of some sort.

    navigation skills make going places faster thus less of a pain

    engineering skill - electronic skill -  are great basics skills to help you out as an overall pilot and will assist in all types of activities.

    thats enough for now i think image



  • optimusiioptimusii Member Posts: 3
    thanks for all the help guys, image its all been very usefull, keep it coming if you have anything to add image

  • CennCenn Member Posts: 239

    Just a quick comment.

    get in a decent corp soon :)

    my corp was AWESOME for a starter player - they gave me lots of advise, and wanted to give me ships (i took a BPC for a vexor and thorax - then built em myself).

    Just a point though - "twinking" - getting awesome equipment from advanced players, or getting lots of isk - isn't very rewarding. The way the skills work you learn how to use various equipment as you go. it is really really important to get the hang of things in smaller, cheaper ships with cheap equipment.

    You learn better that way.

    The "point" of the game is to enjoy it - not to just get the biggest ship/guns possible.

    i can fly cruisers and frigates. I do lvl2 and 3 kill missions in a Thorax. I'm still not skilled enough to comfortably do lvl3 in my thorax - i usually dont get the bonuses for fast completion... so now i am going back to doing lvl2 missions in a frigate :) much harder - and more challenging. I've lost a few frigates, and i usually go back in the thorax to get revenge in those occassions. But flying with a smaller ship makes you really consider carefully the setup of your ship...

    you REALLY REALLY need to learn the pros and cons of different modules etc It takes time to test different setups on the weaker rats before you get a comfortable one.

    Also - there is no über setup - find a good setup that matches your playstyle.
    I'm agressive, and like using blasters and drones :) I'm can't seem to get long range setups to work well -

  • MonkiboyMonkiboy Member Posts: 13

    [quote]I'm agressive, and like using blasters and drones :) I'm can't seem to get long range setups to work well - [/quote]

    The reason for this is simple- drones dont have long range- I believe they have a maximum controllable range of 30k, even with maxxed out drone skills.

    Blasers are close range weaponry- if you want long range, go for rail guns- but then they wont fire as fast.

    Basically it's a straight forward algorithm, and it's true for most turret types across the game...

    Long Range = long reload time, slower tracking speed (ability to hit fast moving ships), more damage*

    Close Range = short reload time, faster tracking speed, less damage.

    * this is no longer true for minmatar since the uber nerf of 2004 ;)


  • CennCenn Member Posts: 239

    LOL. :)

    thanks - but yes i knew that blasters and drones are "short range"..

    What i meant by "cant get long range to work" is that when i load up on rails etc, i cant seem to do enough damage before the rats get in close, and the rails are then useless (can't track)...

    When there are only a few rats, my fave tactic is to warp in very close and shoot madly while releasing the drones - 8 ogres and 5 blasters normally kill any spawn before they even get through my shields. - doesn't work so well on lvl3 kill missions though....

  • KeltikKeltik Member UncommonPosts: 89
    Max drone range is 45k , just max out your scout drones skill .

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