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Looking to play a great SCI FI MMORPG

oakthornnoakthornn Member UncommonPosts: 863

I think I need some professional help,,,, with choosing a good SCI FI game to play. For many years I played strictly fantasy MMORPG's like EQ, EQ2, DAOC, Shaodowbane, UO, WoW, Vanguard, and WAR,, to name a few,,, ^_^ basically I tried pretty much every hyped up fantasy MMO on the market since 98.. During these last 10 years, I only tried two SCI Fi MMO's which were SWG, (I quit after the second week of launch and never went back) and Tabula Rasa, (this was a fun game for a couple weeks, but eventually the good taste in my mouth got stale)

Now, I beta tested Anarchy Online but if anyone remembers how much of a lagfest that game was in beta 7 years ago, you'll all understand why I stayed far away from that game. Although, I have heard that it got alot better over the years which has somewhat intrigued me into possibly trying that out.

Anyway, I've been checking out every known SCI FI title on MMORPG.COM and I may be interested in trying a few games, at least until Stargate Worlds comes out, but was wondering If anyone could give an old MMO vet some helpful advice.

First of all, I love SCI FI movies and series such as Star Wars, BSG, Farscape, Stargate, and Firefly.. Here's the features I'm mainly looking for in my search for the most complete fun filled SCI FI MMORPG to enjoy.

1) Deep and innovative skill based system

2) The Ability to buy/command/and control your own spaceship.

3) Explore and travel to different solar systems and planets

4) Play and fight as human and Alien Species

5) Having the option of fighting as an actual person character on different planets as well as space combat.

6) The storyline has to be very rich in detail and very interesting. I love an exciting plot to help enhance my overall gaming experience.

7) equipping yourself with awesome "boba fett" type space armor, along with futuristic weapons, mech suits, etc.

8) And of course overall player population is very important. Without players means less fun for me

Now, I understand there isn't a SCI FI MMO out yet that has ALL OF THESE FEATURES, but what I'm looking for is pretty much the next best thing. I pretty much narrowed down my choices to Anarchy Online, Eve Online, and StarQuest Online. If anyone else could recommend any other game that matches what I'm looking for, please don't hesitate to list them here.

Thanks again!!!


Rallithon Oakthornn
(Retired Heirophant of the 60th season)


  • AlloughNAlloughN Member Posts: 168

    *gulp* You drive a pretty hard bargain. :P

    Any game that had ALL of those points would be totally awesome...

    I've played/beta tested pretty much every sci-fi mmo out right now, and even a few that arent out yet. EVE and StarQuest come the closest to what you want...


    1. EVE/AO


    3.SQO   (In EVE you can travel to different planets/systems, but you cant land on the planets, so I dont really count that :P)

    4. AO/ and for the other 2: Well, that depends, in EVE you are always a starship, but your character can be of a variety of races, and that does affect your skills. SQO you are always a person, and your choice of race affects your skills and attributes. SQO has 3 playable races and is in the middle of adding 3 more.



    7.AO/SQO, though SQO's armor isnt near as cool looking as boba fetts, nor does it do anything beyond stop bullets and energy weapons.

    8. EVE/AO


    StarQuest (SQO) meets 6,  AO meets 5, and EVE meets 4. But remember, in AO your are stuck to a planet, always. :(

    So it really all depends on your personal preferences whether you like EVE or SQO better. EVE has the best graphics by far, as long as you dont mind being stuck as a starship all the time.

    Firefly, STO, SWTOR all would meet your requirements, but they are a ways off. :(

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