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Nexus, which is better?

I've played them both, breifly, but was interested in other opinions....

Which is better, Dark Ages or The Kingdom of the Winds??

Thanks in advance


  • DeLargeDeLarge Member Posts: 5
    i like kindom of the winds better. i tried them both and nexus tk just stuck with me. i still play it. but the person above me is right, it just depends on what you like. i am not sure but i think more people play nexus tk but i could be wrong

  • EvilSinEvilSin Member Posts: 33

     NexusTk is one of the best MMORPGs Ive played that Nexon has distributed, Dark Ages and Shattered Galaxy are more or less basically all out combat.

         Nexus has gone pretty downhill in the past 3 months or so, The community and RP enviorment will always be very finely tuned, But the GM's dont really monitor too much in the game, Its up to the players who have taking RP Jobs such as A Judge,Market Monitor,etc. 

        In the last month there was major problems with the Econmy, I dont mean like a little newbie gettin extremely rich, No no. There was a money bug in one continent where you could go to the continent called Nagnang and spawn Millions of coins, And then just pick it all up. This ruined the Econmy extremely (Sort of like a Stock market Crash,Another Black Tuesday, Except it was friday when this happend). After you picked up the money you could go out and buy rare items for 5x More then what their really worth. Which sucks because now everything is overpriced, making things harder for the not so wealthy people in the game.

          NexusTk,Shattered Galaxy, and DarkAges all have random events. I only play NexusTk, And I know there events sometimes can be pretty lame. Not always though right now there is an Event going on with Pirates,Ogres,Mines,even FireLords. Very complex events/quests, But thats not all that made the event, The GM's  who design these events are geniuses in my opinion. The old GM/Archons crew recently stepped down, these Archons and GMs included Delphi, Cerulean, and the account manager Kevin have all stepped down from there posistions, But one person who worked behind the scenes (Events,Quests,etc.) was Wony he was there since the Beta version of nexus and his events were always anticipated by all Players, He had designed the FireLord event above (no wonder it was so good,hehe).

        Anyway Nexon's games (SG,DA,NexusTK) all own in the MMORPG list for 2D games and they rule over some 3D MMORPG games also, But since Nexon handles 3 games at once, I dont think it will ever get as good as EQ or EVE. That doesnt mean its not good because its more then good its AWESOME!

           P.S. Dont play the free trial it sucks a$$ just register after you get to lvl 6. image





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