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Best Free To Play Out?

Whats the latest on free to play games, I've been sucked into WoW for quite a while, now I need something to do while i wait for wrath. Whats the best free to play out atm?



  • CartographyCartography Member UncommonPosts: 331

    I wouldn't really say any F2P is stellar... however, Antlantica Online is actually pretty good and has been seeing positive reviews. Another game that can be fun for some, and has some great graphics is Sword of the New World. Either of those should keep you entertained for a bit.

  • BellaHBellaH Member UncommonPosts: 269

    Runes of Magic is free, and is getting great reviews so far. It is on closed beta, but from what I understand the beta keys are relativly easy to come by.

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