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Ascension Show Halloween Special

Lonesamurai1Lonesamurai1 Member Posts: 1,210

Well, after just chatting to Martin Kerstein about this, he asked me to post it here:


Yes indeed, The Ascension show LIVE!!! with your host, LoneSamurai!

Click the link for your player to tune in:

Well, tomorrow night (31st October 2008), I'm doing a special Ascension Show Halloween special, live from Lions Arch International District 1 @ 9pm til Midnight GMT (3pm til 6pm EST)

aswell as joining us in Lions Arch, feel free to join us on IRC @ #GuildWars or click the IRC - Javalink on the website @

Cya all there guys and I'll be taking requests through the stations website and IRC request functions


Station Owner and Guild Wars Community Team Leader

The Sanitarium.FM (



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