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P2P is gone



  • SgtFrogSgtFrog Member Posts: 5,001
    Originally posted by redOrc

    Originally posted by Ozmodan

    Not a very well thought out post.  Mainly because your f2p games lack one thing the p2p's have, that is content.  Secondly,  what is the point of working hard on your avatar when someone else can buy the success you worked so hard for?   While these cash shop games are fun to play, you end up spending a lot more than the subscription games if you want to keep up and for what?


    Who was talking about cash shops ? Well a game needs to make money somehow, cash shop is most affective, so a f2p will 95% of the time have a cash shop

    Who was talking about F2P ? well if a game is not p2p then its f2p

    Go back to maplestory, or try to read the post before you respond. you dont even know what you posted about.

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  • BrianshoBriansho Member UncommonPosts: 3,586

    Servers are still up and running. People are still paying and playing. They are faaaaaaaaaaar from failing.

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  • Thoric485Thoric485 Member UncommonPosts: 525

    P2P system is MMOs' smallest problem. It's not even a problem, all pay -> all get equality ingame and good service.

    However the fact we have multiplayer arcade games with added grind instead of player-run virtual worlds is something that bugs me more than coughing up 15$ a month.

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  • Maybe it's not that the subscription model is flawed.  Maybe those games just suck.

  • ArndurArndur Member Posts: 2,202

    IMO WAR is not a failure, it does has its faults but P2P is not one of them.

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