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I also need to know how good this game is

grandknightgrandknight Member Posts: 5


  • grandknightgrandknight Member Posts: 5



    I have no idea.



    I have just quit out of hero online and saw this game by chance. Is this game any good

    I've played almost every type of game. From runescape (to kiddish) to 9dragons(too much grinding) and even Puzzle Pirates (educational)

    and just dont know if this game is good so plz tell me!

    Please reply!





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  • zaltarzaltar Member UncommonPosts: 125

    Yes much better than Hero and alot of other games . I played Hero from the first week of open beta and its one of  the worst grindfests anywhere and the community is horrible . 12 Sky is much better all the way around , I think you will like it .

  • imavirus22imavirus22 Member Posts: 19

    yes its very good ; )

  • aaronwaaronw Member Posts: 2

    yes, this game is top-notch, i would definately recommend it as ur next MMORPG to get involved in, u were complaining about too much grinding, but aeria was nice enough to make the grind pretty easy in this game, with double XP every saturday and plenty of items to get u double XP as well, which do stack with the saturday bonus, getting u 4x XP.  the graphics were also suprisingly good after playing runescape as well :P with lots of cool effects for the skills, and you can get started in things besides grinding, like PVP at low lvls that are easy to get to if u get tired of grinding

  • TSheenaTSheena Member Posts: 1

    I think it's a good game, that if worth playing, I haven't really played any other sword/material arts rpg so I can't really say much abou that, but most of the people on 12sky are nice and help newbie's on there way XD so yeah it's worth playing I think ;)

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