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Poll: Will you stay or convert to EQ2 ?

phantomrileyphantomriley Member Posts: 45
I currently play EQ1 and am curious how many people will be moving over to EQ2 once its released.


  • EffectEffect Member UncommonPosts: 949
    While I won't go back to EQ1 I did enjoy my time there but I'm really looking forward to Everquest 2 and have already preordered the dvd version over at It was a toss up between EQ2 and WoW and while I enjoy Blizzards games, I just find that EQ2 offers more and more of the classes I like to play, etc.  With things be more open tot he casual player, so it  seems, I hope to enjoy it a lot.

  • tinedortinedor Member Posts: 35
    I have already stopped playnig eq and getting my system ready for eq2 it seems to be a system hog on resources, and i wanted to get the visual aspect at the highest it can go
  • Nimrod4154Nimrod4154 Member Posts: 864
    I will be changing... I think i have played Everquest out for my part and id like to see what kind of material will be thrown at us. I think Everquest II Will be very cool and i plan on playing Both EQ2 And WoW


  • blehbleh Member Posts: 3

    Heh, i was kinda mad when i heard about eq2 coming out..all that time down the drain on eq.  However, it seems that a lot of people are converting to eq2, so i think i will goes on  image

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