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what´s up with the U.S.A lunia.

well guys(girls) i was searching for a new game to play and i get this one from youtube but the problem is every time i enter global lunia and get the U.S.A  link they send me to lunia.12foottall.com but the page does not exist or they have some kind of trouble with the host i dont know but the think is if i cant get a account what do i Have to do to get a account?, another question mmmm if i make a account on the chinese or japanese site i can use it in the USA site or the client can i use the same account in the usa client ?


  • wetworkswetworks Member UncommonPosts: 5

    you can play lunia at ijji.com they have the game now and its up and running..come on in and give it a try

  • PasgfxPasgfx Member Posts: 2

    ohh thanks man

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