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10,000 players achieved

repapipsrepapips Member Posts: 450

Congratulations to Atlantica and to all it's players by achieving it's second goal... having 10,000 players registered on its fee league...

Because of this achievement... atlantica truth to it's word, one of us have the chance to be the recipient of $2,000, and five more will win an Apple iPod Nano...



  • conqistadorconqistador Member Posts: 237

    this is a testament to how fast the game is gaining popularity... gamers are starting to realize the value of this game.. this game could set precedence which could eventually be copied by other MMOs in the future... props to the developers for making such a masterpiece

  • SlappanSlappan Member Posts: 289

    It's a good achievement, although we're not exactly sure how they measure the free leaguers (based on number who try, play regularly, winners, etc). Guess this means that free league, and pvp in general - is an integral part of the game.

  • deltatentdeltatent Member Posts: 10

    Wow, 10,000 players! And, I'm one of them!

    I wish I could win an iPod nano...

  • repapipsrepapips Member Posts: 450

    I'm very happy for atlantica... they deserve this one... they never fail to us and to bring us quality gaming experience...

    and now we have given a chance to win their exciting prizes.. im looking forward to win an ipod.. so i keep my finger crossed and hope for a win...


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