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Free trial code?

RaoraRaora Member Posts: 243

I downloaded the client off their website. I read there is no code. If any existing players have one extra and would like to share I would greatly appreciate it. Just PM here!







  • RaoraRaora Member Posts: 243


  • RoninOniRoninOni Member Posts: 1

    From what I have seen, there is never a demo except right after a new release, and then its a maybe. I want to try it too, it looks like it might be fun, and no fees! I recommend grabbing the original for $20 and seeing if you like it.

  • AirphelAirphel Member Posts: 51

    I did the beta way back when, it was only open on weekends, the game was pretty looking, but other than that, its mostly the same as all the others. I'd say, go for something free if you wanna try this one.

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