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what do you make of PvP?

The game I'm currently playing, called shadow of legend, is incorporating more and more PvP elements. As I remembered it, some big guy of game designing has warned that, killing among players has to be avoided, or at least played down in a MMORPG, which emphasizes cooperation and friendship.

Well, what do you have to say about this?




  • pvp?  equal to  killing?  i like peace  more LOL in the game, i f you don't kill me, i will try to kill you back. mostly i don't PVP others actively..

  • IAmMMOIAmMMO Member UncommonPosts: 1,462

      I love PVP in online FPS games like Battlefield 2 or Team Fortress 2. MMO PVP I personally find very lacklustre as I prefer twitch over click. I'm a hardcore FPS online PVPer, but for MMO's I'm PVE, but to MMO click feast PVPers I'm a carebear, but I can llive with being a carebear in MMO's.

  • LcarLcar Member UncommonPosts: 3

    oy oy oy

  • YuckfoolYuckfool Member Posts: 1

    i like match more than PVP. PVP  is too serious for me..because i don't like being killed by others without challenge. lol

  • Sup3rnovaSup3rnova Member Posts: 69

    Games that came out in the last 4 years PvP i would say


  • minijagminijag Member UncommonPosts: 10

    PVP is the most important aspect of role playing games.  Roleplaying is all about freedom. you need to be handed the tools of freedom to excercise them however you choose.

    From killing, to mining, to killing monsters, to stealing, to drinking, to playing an orc, to singing, to EVERYTHING you can think of, to driving a boat, to having fights on a boat, to finding treasure. 

    Just think of anything you can possibly do, and that is roleplaying in my opinion.

    PVP is a essential part of all that is to be

  • Sup3rnovaSup3rnova Member Posts: 69


    Ok well you kinda put that in a riddle but I get what you mean RPG basically is do whatever you want whenever :P or else you aint role playing.

  • babyburnikbabyburnik Member Posts: 44

    pvp rules!! atleast you can try your character's skill with other player and not just ai ones.. you're working hard for your character, you should be ableto brag about it! :D

  • kyuzkikyuzki Member Posts: 7

    pvp in games that im currently playing is a little ok


    i just hate it when it lags on a crucial moment then when the game returns to normal ur already dead XD

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  • psmpsm Chronicles of Spellborn CorrespondentMember Posts: 14

    I love PvP. Not only from the Roleplayers point of view in search for realism. But also as a gamer, because of the challenge. After all, humans usually don't play scripted.


    But there are several reasons why I am usually not playing on a PvP Server of any given game. The main reason are the ganking idiots that kill anything, just because they can. Not only do they disturb the playing experience of other gamers, it is also very unrealistic. There is no game that has a decent criminalization-system out there. But something like that is needed, because something like killing players should bear consequences. Then the ganker-faction would become smaller.

    The main argument of gankers here is, that it is only a game. But an MMORPG is a little bit more. It portrays some csort of society and every society has some sort of repercussions for mindless killing. Sure, if there is open war between two parties, the repercussions will be more on the positive side.

    Another thing that the ganker-faction loves to ignore is the fact, that you are still interacting with people. So yes, it might be a game, but your action influence other people. If you play some sort of online-FPS like QT or CS, you expect to be killed on a very regular basis. But if you go about your business in a virtual world, even if it is a dangerous place, you don't want to be jumped by some idiot every couple of minutes.

    Last but not least, there is the question about fairnes. As soon as somebody you are attacking does not stand a chance at all (too low, low HP, fighting against several mobs etc.) you are taling advantage again. Not of game mechanics, but of the circumstances a person is in. And that sucks.


    So yes, I love PvP. But I rather not play with the usual type of mindless killing morons that crawl around on PvP-servers (not als PvPers are that sort of course).

  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

    I like PvP more than ever before, however it has to be completely avoidable with no PvE consequences in any form, otherwise I would be unable to enjoy the game as I would need to PvP instead of having the choice...and from there I would just stop playing.


    Giving an extra 1 hp to peoples who PvP ruins the experience for me.  I have no idea if PvPers enjoy my presence or not, but they seem to.  I am often the odd guy coming from nowhere, going nowhere, cheering up on a duel; or trying to stop a ganking from happening.  Dueling in the weirdest location, if you see 2 weirdo who are dueling in a place you didn't even know it was possible to reach, I might be 1 of the 2.


    I seem to be winning a little more than losing, but honestly, I didn't put much focus on PvP yet and there are many things I don't master...yet my PvE understanding of the game mechanic give me huge edges most of the time...

    - "If I understand you well, you are telling me until next time. " - Ren

  • G3XOIG3XOI Member Posts: 1

    I love the PvP in WoW and Guild Wars!


    Can't beat it imO!

  • wolfmannwolfmann Member Posts: 1,159

    Problem about PvP and Roleplay, is rather simple:

    The lack of punishments and detractions that we would have in RL, no matter timeperiod.


    What it means, is that  "Open PvP" fails, and instead becomes a annoying unimmersive game mechanic that detracts from Roleplay.


    Wich is why I do not support Open PvP in my games, but am heavily for Player/Guild PvP options, like duel, guild wars and individual (mutually accepted) PvP buddy lists.

    Give the Roleplayer full control over his PvP and who he PvP's, and you will have PvP en masse.

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  • Sup3rnovaSup3rnova Member Posts: 69

    If you ask me games need to get away from the whole battleground / instanced PvP nothing is better than just going hunting for a random guy to beat down!

  • lordlapselordlapse Member Posts: 231

    I totally agee open pvp does give me an annoyance. It's still the best to do it by duels or guild wars. though I can't imagine how turn-based pvp duels will turn out (Atlantica). I mean, its still a policy of "attacking every turn..."

  • Sup3rnovaSup3rnova Member Posts: 69

    Dueling can be fun but games down allow betting via duels like runescape used to because of F$%^% asian gold farmers.

  • ZodiaEclipseZodiaEclipse Member Posts: 100

    I only really enjoy PvP when it's during duels or massive battles like RvR or such. Mainly because I've never been very gifted at PvP so I'd either like to choose my opponet or just help people who are better at it have an edge.

    Usually I'm getting ganked at every turn and I'm the one who If I see a red flagged player will run for the hills without bothering to check their level just because I'm sure they must be higher level then I am and therefore out to kill me.

  • YuramikoYuramiko Member Posts: 176

    Whenever I'll be online on a pvp room, all I do is to make friends with those players.

  • AtaakaAtaaka Member UncommonPosts: 212

    I agree with the 'guy' who said that PvP is ruining the fun. In a game like Shadowbane, PvP has no rewards other than surviving the attack or winning the skirmish. In fact, it was there that I went on mid-night raids (what we called them) where a party of ten players went out and attacked other raiders or afk levellers. A raid wasn't some instance, bound with rules and expected play, back then, the word 'raid ' meant someone, somewhere was going to get a visit from a well-prepared party of adventurers.

    Before Blizzard created 'PvP For Dummies', WoW was perfect in every way, in so far as Realm vs. Realm. Before people whined and complained about the Horde being able to attack Elven Cities, we could spend hours counter-attacking, and reinforcing the NPCs at the lower level training grounds. Sometimes we drove the Horde back and sometimes it wasn't so pretty.

    My point is that PvP wasn't controlled, it wasn't rewarded, and nobody yelled, 'You got pawnzored!'  Any game that says, 'You can PvP Freely... but here are the rules!" may as well not PvP at all.

    Blizzard created at least 2-3 million Faux-Killers (Fake-Killers or FKers). They are those people who farmed PvP Arenas. If you strip away all that gear, I would smash 1.8 million players who think they are uber, and I could do that on wit and dexterity alone. My hats off to so many of those pvp'ers who did the math, who honored the dead, and who taught valuable lessons to those watching on bent knees.

    PvP is fine if it's truly free from rewards and arenas. A game full of FK'ers isn't so cool at all. 

    Lastly, since I prefer to RP as a defender, rather than an offender, I have learned how to take an ass whipping. But even more important, I have taught many PK'ers that tickling the belly button of a carebear is hazardous to their health. One thing is certain, I look like crap but fight like all be damned... "come get some."

  • limelemonlimelemon Member Posts: 10

    Personally, I don't care much for PvP as I am not a really competitive gamer.

    What really ticks me off are the gankers that would target anything that is player control, worst still if the game allow open PK.

    Even for something with invites PvP, having to constantly turn on duel challenge is a bored.

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