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BlackMoon Chronicles

New game only been around about a month.  Very unique drawing style and very fun.  Needs more players!


  • phatpeteyphatpetey Member Posts: 323

    The graphical style looks really awesome. It looks like the game is directly ripped out of a comic book. And the storyline looks pretty intresting, the races and classes do so aswell.

    I might even give this game a try eventhough I normally I don't play isometric games like this but this looks really great. Can you tell me something more about the actual gameplay? Is there a lot grinding in the game and how are the skills? And does the game feature a crafting system?


  • MjsilfiesMjsilfies Member Posts: 12

    It is based off of a french comic book, being the reason it looks comic book style.  It is 100 percent hand drawn too which is nice.  There is some grinding in it, but also a nice storyline to follow whether you pick the good or evil side.

    I'm not sure if there is a crafting system or not.  Basically, I just learned that there is a war between lands.  You need these special rods to take over certain points to take over as well.  It is basically a war between good and evil.

    The only downside is the community is rather new so it is lacking people online.  This is why I am posting it on here to try and get interest with its unique look and bring members to the community.  The people on there so far are very helpful when you get stuck in quests.

  • J_HurryJ_Hurry Member UncommonPosts: 230

    How do you control your char? Is it point and click movement?

    LGM Alchemist (Legendary Grandmaster)
  • MjsilfiesMjsilfies Member Posts: 12

    There are three methods to control your character. 

    Either point and click

    hold down the mouse button

    or use the arrow keys to move.


    When talking to NPC's and battling you use the left and right mouse buttons.

  • FafhredFafhred Member UncommonPosts: 34

    Tried this game about 2 weeks ago.

    1) There was a grand total of 1  (ONE) other player online.

    2) The game interface is appalling.

    3) Found 2 major bugs within the first hour, one was totally blocking.

    4) Reported on website, was expecting a quick answer (it is not as if the support would be overtaxed with only 1 player online)....  never received any answer

    Conclusion: move on, there is nothing to see...

    BIG thumb down to this game

    Knowledge is Power, but Ignorance is often Death

  • ragnarokekragnarokek Member Posts: 134

    the developers were honest enough to say in their site that they made a mistake of launching the game prematurely causing them to lose their player base and that they are working very hard to sort things out. i think that honesty (and also the comic-style graphics) may make me try out their game. i just hope i wont click the "uninstall" button after 20 minutes of playing ^_^


  • MhirMhir Member Posts: 41

    It is quite interesting, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do with my newly found game, Atlantica online. So leet us all keep playing the game that we like the most.


  • AirspellAirspell Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,391

      The game is hopeless. It could actually be quite fun if there were people playing it. However there aren't. Played my dark priest up to level 8 have met a grand total of ZERO people online.  This game is doomed.


  • HilesnslaHilesnsla Member Posts: 1

    Cool, it looks so lovely that I'd previously thought it should be made based on some comics book or so, and now I've got that answer, it did. All the pics and scenes are very attractive, which should take long time to draw them.

  • BillypaingBillypaing Member Posts: 1

    For those who knew and played the game, it's a good one with wonderful game looking and game systems, the game strory, but there are just so few people know it that its total players was so few. Let's think how it would be if there is a good promotion of it?

  • bsod77bsod77 Member Posts: 45

    Has the game tanked, or just the website?

  • BattlesipBattlesip Member Posts: 1

    Just made a google search but found no game intro related to it, why's that? Is  the game so old and so lack of popularity that even the search engines had no records of it?

  • DrukstylzDrukstylz Member Posts: 189

    I tried it, there was like 2 people on. Make of it what you will.

  • summitussummitus Member UncommonPosts: 1,414

    Just wasted 2 hours of my life downloading and installing this "POS" let me warn you dont bother, dowloaded it installed it ,created a character, launched the game kicked bac to their website .. launched it again kicked back to their website..... ok check the forums .... dead ... tried to leave a message on their forums .... guess what administrator has disabled registration ...... next ?  .... Uninstalled and move on with my Mmo life.

    Oh and a message to the Asshat's developing this POS ? Take the website down so people dont waste their time.

  • SunlostoneSunlostone Member Posts: 1

    Wow, I was just thinking of downloading the game and giving it a try when I was viewing the threads on the first page, but now I think I would need a longer time to get more info and feedback of it, I just don't want to waste my precious time.

  • AirspellAirspell Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,391

       Well I'm sure the OP meant well but trying to get people into a game that is pretty dead alrdy is a tough climb.


  • BLODORNBLODORN Member UncommonPosts: 1

    Am I the only one who remembers someone trying to release this game, about 10 years ago? As soon as I saw the title black moon i recognised it, then the art work was exactly the same. It looks interesting but failed a decade ago, doesn't look like it will change the patern sadly.

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