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LF Game with different realms, good pvp, crafting, and no char. lvls

joey613joey613 Member Posts: 30

LF game with different realms like regnum online. different realms to choose from.

good pvp. as long as there is a war zone to lvl up in and kill other players from other realms im happy.

crafting like darkfall,  where u can craft when your bored to death of pve and pvp. ex. crafting swords, arrows, bows, ect...

id prefer no char. levels but it doesnt really matter. as long as it has the above.

oh, and the game has to be out, and please tell if its free, if not how much does it cost?



  • phatpeteyphatpetey Member Posts: 323


    You could try Ryzom. A great game and I'm currently trying it and I think it's free2play till the end of Octobre, this is a great way to see if you want to keep on playing if the game goes back to P2P. The game really has the best crafting system ever and the PvP is quite good aswell I heard( haven't been doing PvP yet ).


  • Iceman32Iceman32 Member Posts: 80

    Ryzom is good.

    Another one to try is Magic of the Gods. It has different realms: Azmar, Stondar, Radnaria, the Ogre realm, etc. It's F2P. It has no levels. PvP is allowed anywhere, anytime with anyone. There is a war going between the Ogres and the Realm of Azmar. Also, there was just a battle on Sheep Island where some players recaptured the island from the ogres and made it into a new independent realm. Crafting is sort of weak, but you can create your own crafts and be able to invent totally new items. In a way, that's more unlimited than crafting systems that have huge numbers of crafting skills to choose from.

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  • csthaocsthao Member UncommonPosts: 1,115

    Ultima Online, if you dont mind the dated graphics you should try it out.

    Its skilled based, crafting is one of the toughest and rewarding thing to do.

    PvP isnt so much around anymore, unless of course you play the private servers.

    Its still a great game, talking about makes me wanna subscribe again.

    O yeah forgot to mention you can tame/summon almost anything you see. Also the only full customizable housing game to date.

  • ozmonoozmono Member UncommonPosts: 1,211

    Also may be worth having a look at wurm online. PVP is open on the wild server, full player loot etc. Two different realms if I can call them that, mol-rehan and jenn kellon and two additional alignments white lighters and black lighters. Also I think the crafting in wurm is one of the better/best crafting systems available but that may just be my taste. In wurm all items, including houses forges ovens etc are player made and you won't get swords from NPC drops instead you'll kill animals or harvest materials in order to craft weapons etc. It does have some weak points to but its a good game and you can trial it for free on the jenn kellon home server however it'll cost you to play on the wild server where there is open PVP

  • Gabby-airGabby-air Member UncommonPosts: 3,440

    Ryzom,EVE, wurm online aswell as atalntica to a point are quite nice for crafting but maybe try out WAR as you like pvp and well Wow has pretty nice pvp aswell

  • joey613joey613 Member Posts: 30
    Originally posted by Gabby-air

    Ryzom,EVE, wurm online aswell as atalntica to a point are quite nice for crafting but maybe try out WAR as you like pvp and well Wow has pretty nice pvp aswell


    im going to try out atlantica online for now. if i dont like that i would consider ryzom or war. thanks everyone. i also might try final fantasy xi.

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