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Question from a former WoW player.

Ok I quit playing WoW like 6 months ago, the idea of playing it again makes me want to gouge my eyes out, But I'm bored and I have a couple of friends playing Warhammer.  Does this step away from the WoW formula enough to make it enjoyble to me?


  • MajinashMajinash Member Posts: 1,320

    that really depends on which direction away from WoW you want.  If you wanted more PvP then warhammer is the right direction.  if you wanted more say... crafting, then I suggest you head over to a game like EVE.


    The two games have a lot in common, 2 factions fighting, no death penalty ect ect.  but Warhammer has a huge focus on PvP, and has tons of PvP content, but in contrast you won't find many of the highly scripted encounters like in WoW that many people find very fun.


    Ryzom is different from WoW, so is EVE.  Warhammer is... sorta different.  it has a lot more in common with it than the other games I mentioned, but its got a lot of different stuff to offer.  I suggest you at least give it a try, more so because you have friends playing and that makes any MMO better.

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  • Black_ElvisBlack_Elvis Member Posts: 188

    Warhammer is different enough from WoW to keep you from involunarily puking in your own mouth.  But, familiar enough to make you feel at home.


    If you have any doubts about dropping 50 bills, wait until they offer some kind of buddy system or free trial.  Cant hurt to wait.  Especially since Mythic is having some major optimization issues at this point.


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