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22nd Black Rise Defense Unit

HessmixHessmix Member Posts: 7


Join up now for our October campaign.


The 22nd Black Rise Defensive Unit [corp ticker is 22nd] is going strong. We're looking to make raids on Gallente hi-sec, run FW missions, gain victory points for the Caldari State and eventually take over and hold a system in the Gallente FW space, to preserve the Caldari right to fly freely in the galaxy. We need any Caldari pilot who is willing to be part of a team and not just another mindless fleet blob.

Talk to CEO Atraxerxes via private convo, via Eve mail or chat room Arta-X with other 22nd pilots.

All Caldari pilots new or old welcome (no trials, would like pilots to have been flying for at least 3 months). We need everybody from frigate fighters to veteran field commanders. We take 2 noobs a month, and work hard at helping them get their footings.


  1. hanger access
  2. Corp shares for members who serve at least 1 week
  3. weekly dividend payouts
  4. ammo, some equipment and some ships supplied for corp fleet ops
  5. free T2 Frig for 30 days of service
  6. no blob warfare
  7. kicking gallente AYARRRR!!'es
  8. covert ops gangs
  9. Vent server
  10. Private corp forum & killboard
  11. actually doing something beside waiting at the top station for 2 hours for fleet ops
  12. winning

All Hail the State!

The Double Deuce. Plexing daily in a system near you.


(copy and pasted from the EVE Forums. Everything still applies. If you post here to join go ahead and I'll try and transfer your name over to Atra)





Also Alts accepted most the time.


  • HowatchHowatch Member UncommonPosts: 36

    This looks like a fun corp to be in if there was not one slight catch to it. I am an gallente pilot so I will just have to focus on kicking your buts instead of joining  you. Still it is good to see there are more good corps out there going strong. Keep up the good work and maybe we meet later in  EVE and if so then I hope I will kick your buts and not the other way around, but who know,  bad things sometimes happen in EVE.

  • HessmixHessmix Member Posts: 7


    hehe a catch indeed


    Well see you out on the battlefield or battlespace I should say.

  • DonTrumpDonTrump Member Posts: 104

    Corp sounds nice. Good luck.

  • HessmixHessmix Member Posts: 7
    Originally posted by DonTrump

    Corp sounds nice. Good luck.


    Thank ye

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