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What in game events are your favorite?

Shaggy67Shaggy67 Member Posts: 76


I was curious about what your favorite in game events were.I messed up on the other poll and would want you to vote on your favorite ones.I like Wintersday and Halloween but post your opinions as well. Please vote for your favorite in the poll.


  • LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,936

    Wintersday! I love the time of year and I think they've nailed it perfectly. They decorate quite a few towns, the quests are interesting, snowball fighting is fun and the presents are plain awesome! It's by far the best holiday event of any game I've played.

  • illyanaillyana Member UncommonPosts: 614

    tough choice between Wintersday and Halloween
    but i voted for Wintersday because of more loot, fun wintersdays quests and cuz the event stays longer
    i also l0ved Gaile's Farewell Party and wish for future Party Time! buff

    Have fun storming the castle! - Miracle Max

  • Sean468Sean468 Member Posts: 2
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